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Ill_Recording_8203 t1_j1cudep wrote

If you watch the movie again, watch Ringo when they are in the studio. Ringo spends an outrageous amount of time looking for the brushes to drum with. After several songs played while he was looking for the brushes, he finally found them and was ready to go.

In an interview Ringo stated that he didn't want to participate in a semi-reunion of the Beatles. He went further and said that he wasn't going to play Beatles songs until a reunion of all 3 remaining members happened. John Lennon died just a couple of years before this movie was filmed.

Remember Ringo looking for the brushes? That was when the Beatles songs were recorded and Ringo wouldn't drum. As soon as he finds them, he rushes to his drum set and starts to drum - just as the last notes from the Beatles medley begin to fade away.


Wh0rse t1_j1d5qpn wrote

I love Ballroom Dancing


dixadik t1_j1e3y2f wrote

And members from Toto, Art Of Noise, 10cc, Rockpile, Brothers Johnson, Cockney Rebel, Fairport Convention,....


DavoTB t1_j1fmumj wrote

Exactly! Some top musicians on these tracks.


hornboggler t1_j1cg65g wrote

Everything Paul did after the Beatles was absolute shit. Paul is nothing without the other Beatles to mold his raw compositional talent into something worth listening to.


ECW14 t1_j1cgghg wrote

You have no idea what you’re talking about. RAM, Band on the Run, and Chaos and Creation show that Paul has been making great music from the 70s to the 2000s


ClemSnyde t1_j1ckcqx wrote

RAM alll day and I personally can’t stand the Beatles but he did some good shit afterwards.


SharpieBass t1_j1ermba wrote

Wings? What the fuck are you talking about?


hornboggler t1_j1gmx6n wrote

yeah talking about wings also. they suck


SharpieBass t1_j1h7857 wrote

Okie dokie, big shooter. You do you and have a super night.


Mode3 t1_j1gdohw wrote

Temporary secretary was ahead of its time.


WormswithteethKandS t1_j1gtl70 wrote

His 1980 b-side "Check My Machine" sounds exactly like something Gorillaz would have recorded in the early 2000's.