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mic3ttaa OP t1_j2cn8wh wrote

According to my google the darkest black we can see doesn't even have a name. Despite this, it has the ability to absorb 99.995% of light and has been used to cover a diamond worth 2 million dollars


idevcg t1_j2cof6v wrote

interesting, sounds like a very productive use of a 2 million dollar diamond; to make it so that we can't see it anymore :D


RipDove t1_j2d2uq3 wrote

Diamonds aren't actually worth 2m. What you do is you take a 1.8m insurance policy against it and you trade the policy with other speculators on how much you can sell the diamond for.

Art works similarly. It's a finite commodity and so you take our insurance policies and auction it off and then you can speculate on the value of the work since you can then lease it out for shows, or to people who have the money to rent art.


mic3ttaa OP t1_j2cnal6 wrote

also! another thing i learned today, thank you