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blahbleh112233 t1_j20aef2 wrote

Yeah, you had a couple Roman emperors that were part of the sun worshipping cult from Aurelian to Elagalbalas


Signal_Advantage369 t1_j20ev5p wrote

Elagabalus was the solar deity, in which this Roman leader named themselves.

Elagabalus (deity)

Excerpt: "Elagabalus was initially venerated at Emesa in Syria, where the Arab Emesan Dynasty acted as its priests. The name is the Latinised form of the Arabic "Ilah al-Jabal" ("إله الجبل"), the Emesene manifestation of the deity, which is Arabic for "God of the Mountain." Elagabalus was the religious "lord", or Baal of Emesa. The deity successfully preserved Arab characteristics, both in his names and in his representations."

The Emesan Dynasty: The Emesan Dynasty

Excerpt: "The Emesene (or Emesan) dynasty, also called the Sampsigeramids[3] or the Sampsigerami[4] or the House of Sampsigeramus[5][6] (Arabic: آل شمسيغرام, romanized: ʾĀl Šamsīġirām),[7][8][9] were a Roman client dynasty of Arab priest-kings known to have ruled by 46 BC from Arethusa and later from Emesa, Syria, until between 72 and 78/79, or at the latest the reign of Emperor Antoninus Pius (138–161). Iamblichus, the famous Neoplatonist philosopher of the third century, was one of their descendants, as was empress Julia Domna, matriarch of the Severan dynasty."


mr_ji t1_j219fx1 wrote

If you're going to worship anything, the sun makes sense.

It's the source of nearly all life and the elements as far as we know. And it's sustained that life for hundreds of millions of years.

Our planet and everything on literally revolves around it.

We know it's real. We know where it is. We can look up to see it and feel it on our skin. (Note: don't do either of these things too much)

And yet, we can't touch it or even get near it. It's as destructive as it is creative and sustaining.


ReviewNecessary6521 t1_j20jug6 wrote

Humanity researches AI.
Humanity perfects AI.
AI perfects itself, and becomes the dominant species.
AI enslaves humankind.
Solar Flare destroys AI.
Humans worship the sun.


CrieDeCoeur t1_j20vodz wrote

I mean, isn’t that the premise of Raised By Wolves? Or would have been if those fucktards at HBO / Warner hadn’t have axed their most streamed series?


ReviewNecessary6521 t1_j23pk2e wrote

I never got far enough into that series to actually find out what it was about. it was just so boring and drab.


gonzo5622 t1_j21kcve wrote

To be honest, I’d we worshipped the sun, I’d be more agreeable. That hot ball of plasma does in fact give us life.


DefiantStomp t1_j1zcog5 wrote

Less religion, more stuff worth learning.


salasia t1_j204238 wrote

I don't approve of religion and think it should be age restricted (21), but it's part of our history and worth reading about. Know thy enemy and all that, but its also a good idea to study it to understand why we humans are so easily lulled into believing fairy tales. If your life has been negatively affected by religion like so many others, I'm sorry it makes you angry