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giuliomagnifico OP t1_j23vt4y wrote

Lots of interesting fact in the linked article, the first myth debunked:

> 1 Coca-Cola designed the modern Santa Claus as part of an advertising campaign > >This is one you always hear at dinner parties. It makes the speaker sound rather clever and cynical. Except it’s tosh. Coca-Cola did start using Santa in advertising in 1933. But Santa had been portrayed almost exclusively in red from the early 19th century and most of his modern image was put together by cartoonist Thomas Nast in the 1870s. Even if you were to confine your search to Santa in American soft drinks adverts, you would find a thoroughly modern Santa Claus in the posters for White Rock that came out in 1923.


SugarButterFlourEgg t1_j250y1b wrote

Thomas Nast is also the guy who drew a donkey for the Democratic Party and an elephant for the Republican Party.