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WellyKiwi t1_j135vkj wrote

This was a TIL for me too when I read his obituary. Just horribly shocking. His parents sucked.


bestieverhad t1_j13lcsj wrote

any more information on what actually happened? did he escape or let go? was he abused or escaped that too? scary stuff not sure i even want to know more. just seems pretty brief mention in the article and on wikipedia.


[deleted] t1_j1l8yy4 wrote

Terry describes some of it in detail in the Fun Boy Three song Well Fancy That.

From what I gather from the song and interviews his teacher told him he was going on a school trip when Terry turned up at the meeting point for the bus expecting to see school friends waiting, it was just the teacher and his car. He drove him to France via ferry, to a hotel, raped him as he slept, then next day handed him over to a ring of paedophiles. How many times he was raped over those 4 days and by how many different men doesn't bear thinking about. They kept him locked in a wardrobe apparently. He was then driven back to the UK, punched in the face and dumped at the side of a road like a bag of trash. He was 12 years old.

from Mojo Magazine interview "That was the whole thing about being abused as a kid. That abuse was horrendous, man, it was like, taken away and abducted and locked in fucking wardrobes, and being horribly abused. But I want to share it with people. That’s the only good thing that can come out of it, if you can talk to people and someone thinks, “Fuckin’ ’ell, it’s not just me, maybe I can deal with it.” That’s what you should do, right? Because you might do some good. You might do some good."

Well Fancy That lyrics

You took me to France On the promise of teaching me French

We were told to assemble To meet up at 10

I was 12 and naive You planned out our route I sat in your car My suitcase in the boot

On the M1 and the A1 Until we reached Dover Through passport control You pulled your car over

On the liner, we stood on the deck

We left port My first time abroad A school trip to France

Well fancy that

A weekend away To parle Français

Well fancy that

We found the hotel

Checked in to a room and unpacked

It had been a long day You said "let's hit the sack"

As I changed I could feel your eyes watching me

I crept into bed You pretended to read

The lights went out I fell asleep

Woke up with a shock And your hands on me

I couldn't shout I couldn't scream

Let me out Let me dream

I turned onto my side I laid there and cried

On my first night in France Well fancy that

You terrified me I just wanted to sleep

Well fancy that

Morning came Light shone through

I left France

I arrived home

The hedge that you dragged me through Led to a nervous breakdown

If I could have read What was going on inside your head

I would have said But I was blind To your devious mind

There's no excuse For child abuse

And the scars that it leaves Where do you draw the line

On school trips to France

Well fancy that

You had a good time

Turned sex into crime

Well fancy that


bestieverhad t1_j1uyddg wrote

Horrendous, what a brave person to speak so openly about that experience


a3poify t1_j1iupla wrote

He was abused and then dumped on the side of a road, if I recall correctly.


ItDoesntMatter59 t1_j139lti wrote

Its actually quite confusing.

Some stories quote a ring, one quotes a single teacher abducting him.

The song he wrote about it is a single teacher. I cant find any details on them being caught or convicted


Acceptable-Cod7214 t1_j15a0ml wrote

I've read some interviews where he explains the French teacher had a couple of pervert friends who raped him and beat him up, leaving him at the side of the road.


[deleted] t1_j29lbug wrote

When Terry first started to speak about what happened to him, on FB3 Well Fancy That he told of the initial abduction and rape by his teacher. It wasn't until much further down the line that he revealed the true extent of the ordeal and that he was then handed over to the paedophile ring and kept captive for 4 days (in an interview with Mojo he said they locked him up in a wardrobe) and repeatedly raped.

I'd guess the initial assault by his teacher was easier (not sure that's the correct word) to process and explain than the living nightmare that followed soon after, because he said of Well Fancy That he didn't "get into all of it" in the song because even then he couldn't understand everything that had been done to him.


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crabmuncher t1_j12671b wrote



cheeze_whiz_shampoo t1_j13rr0r wrote

The 'ae' will screw ya in the Bee.

(this is a Spelling Bee joke)


crabmuncher t1_j13sgg3 wrote

Is this a US spelling bee joke?


Raichu7 t1_j12pq69 wrote

Why would a BBC article use the American spelling? If you’re going to be a cunt about it at least check you’re right first.


HawkeyeByMarriage t1_j11y2n0 wrote

You are quite stupid about this big world


ElfMage83 t1_j122b21 wrote

Not so much. I simply don't understand, as an American, why Brits keep and add needless extra letters to words. Q is a single letter, for example, yet the word “queue” exists and is pronounced without the vowels.

Makes no sense.


XPlutonium t1_j126kr1 wrote

Yes and we english don’t get why you keep adding redundant words to other words

Side walk - where is else? Front walk? Eye glasses - helped me differentiate my liver glasses Waste paper basket - wow. Gas - ITS A FUCKING LIQUID

Then we get to your phrases. Exact same, unexpected surprise, advance warning???, end result. Oh and your love for split infinitives.

I personally think it should make more sense to not get into the uses of the Prodigal Tongue. Languages have differences deal with it.


plumquat t1_j12z8m9 wrote

Oh yeah Hhhherb, half your shit is just teasing the French.


ElfMage83 t1_j13cg0u wrote


“Gasoline” from “Cazeline", a British word. Much like “soccer”.

>Then we get to your phrases. Exact same, unexpected surprise, advance warning???, end result.

Blame the Department of Redundancy Department, unless you don't understand the reference.

>Oh and your love for split infinitives.

I make a point not to do that. It must have galled Sir Patrick Stewart to say “to boldly go”, but I don't know if you'd know that reference.

>Languages have differences deal with it.

And yet you typed out that whole above comment trying to convince me I'm wrong when I'm not.


5wan t1_j12cghn wrote

Lol at the American criticizing the English for how English words are spelled.


Funkybeatzzz t1_j12jq9y wrote

Let me go get some honey from my Bs and go P in the toilet. I don’t know Y people R getting so upset with U.


DaveOJ12 t1_j126boh wrote

I don't understand, as an American, why we dropped them.


Brunooflegend t1_j139830 wrote

>I simply don’t understand, as an American

You could have stopped right there instead of further humiliating yourself


raz0rflea t1_j13a1p7 wrote

You don't understand why they write the words the way they invented them?


dixadik t1_j15cud4 wrote

'rede' 'reed' 'read' 'red' are still words in 'american' english. What have you got to say about that?


ElfMage83 t1_j15ghw1 wrote

Those all are different, and all spelled correctly.


dixadik t1_j193nvw wrote

Glad you recognize that. Bottom line English is a very quirky language in spelling and pronunciation and if you try to make it make sense sometimes you'll end up being disappointed


XPlutonium t1_j11zy3m wrote

ae used to actually be an old letter now dropped

Haemoglobin ex


ElfMage83 t1_j122d80 wrote


And yet.


XPlutonium t1_j125xpe wrote

I mean you don’t learn it in the alphabet doesn’t mean it’s not acceptable. The letters ae and & are both very very commonly used even now

Also how is your problem the fact that it’s a different spelling and not the fact that this is technically not Paedophilia but rather Hebephilia (it doesn’t change anything but since we’re fighting in dumb technicalities)


Joscientist t1_j13c1m7 wrote

& is two letters technically it's "et" Latin for and.