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BroForceOne t1_j64qvl5 wrote

I'm impressed despite all the lawsuits from Nintendo, actual shutdowns, road accidents, and hatred from the Tokyo locals, this company still finds a way.


Picolete t1_j652nts wrote

They no longer use Nintendo costumes, from what i´d seen


OozeNAahz t1_j65e1m7 wrote

There were several vendors doing this when I was there. Did they have a bunch of hostile takeovers and highlander there can only be one combat?


Orangeb0lt t1_j64s3j8 wrote

Trash Taste talked about this recently and said everyone in Tokyo hates the street go-karts, tourists always crash them.


coredump3d t1_j65mcc6 wrote

Tokyoiter here. Major nuisance to all forms of traffic - especially unsafe to bike lanes.. Mostly a foreigner tourist trap who can't spot the subtle differences


cox_ph t1_j64jkv2 wrote

Go-karting is fine, but why is there no explanation of the gigantic cat with neon-green eyes?


merrybone t1_j675tji wrote

What cat? You're not a crazy person are you? Cause you sound like a crazy person.


GhettoChemist t1_j64nt7t wrote

Drive through the streets of tokyo on a go kart? I might pass on that sounds dangerous


zed857 t1_j64u8nk wrote

Don't worry, they have you sign a 37 page disclaimer first.


surferos505 t1_j6556x0 wrote

Ah yes, how to easily out yourself as an annoying ass tourist in 1 easy step


twoinvenice t1_j66plia wrote

I did it back in 2019 and it felt like it was probably one of the most dangerous things I’ve ever done…and I’m someone who thinks it’s fun to scuba dive with sharks.

Those carts got up to like 50mph and the entire time your head is somewhere around bumper height compared to all the traffic around you. Also no suspension on the carts.


konami9407 t1_j65c2fn wrote

I saw them in 2018 but I heard it was banned a year or so later. Did they get permission again?


Reset_Tears t1_j65unlv wrote

I feel like every couple of years I see a new article saying it's been shut down for good, so sorry you won't be able to do it anymore tourists. It seems like something that should be easy to prevent from continuing, if Tokyo really did want it stop...


Daiches t1_j68g578 wrote

Other fun facts: it is legally required by every single travel show that visits Tokyo to do this.