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Chillchinchila1 t1_j6lh5ks wrote

You don’t need to sanitize the Nazis to condemn Leopold’s. Seriously what is with redditors that can’t talk about any historical tragedy without going “the Nazis were teddy bears compared to this”.

It’s not even like Leopold killed more people, or had less noble goals, hitler wanted to exterminate most of the human population.


Belongs-InTheTrash t1_j6lxcfs wrote

For real like did this person really write “at least Hitler had semi redeeming qualities” and get upvotes


zebulonworkshops t1_j6mo9wa wrote

It's called nuance. It's weird that people have such a hard time discerning between two terrible things. You can acknowledge someone is one of the top two terrible humans to ever exist and still have people offended, which is kinda inevitable but, it's not saying one is puppies and rainbows. It's using the one as the bar for worst person ever.


dressageishard t1_j6o2wq3 wrote

Agree. He killed too many people to have any redeeming qualities. If we were to weigh his pros and cons, his murdering millions of innocent people would outweigh any pros. If there were any pros to weigh in. Sheesh!