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frantafranta t1_j6hfvq5 wrote


jav402 t1_j6j18eb wrote

Imagine looking out your window to a bunch of tourists every morning


itsmylameusername t1_j6j4lew wrote

That’s anywhere in Rome


Nyghtshayde t1_j6jsr6t wrote

My first trip to Rome I stayed at an Airbnb a bit away from the main attractions. Being a tourist in that part of town was a bit of a novelty - the locals were genuinely (mildly) surprised. It was nice to be away from the bustle of those main areas too.


ghost650 t1_j6jtc4a wrote

This sounds lovely.


Nyghtshayde t1_j6jxonw wrote

It was! The Airbnb owners were a young engaged couple, I was their second guest ever. I had a birthday while I was there and they made me a cake. It was a really special trip and even though I was a bit disappointed at first to be so far from all the sights it kind of made it a bit special.


monchota t1_j6jym6e wrote

I was there in 03 for a HS trip, it was a different time. It was wild to stay in waht was concidered hotels.


Navy_Canuck t1_j6k3qo0 wrote

Went to Rome a few years back. We walked away from the tourist areas and really enjoyed it. Much quieter and no people trying to sell you shit.


Nyghtshayde t1_j6kck34 wrote

There's also genuine interest in where you're from, at least from some people.


i4get98 t1_j6l54po wrote

It’s kinda their fault. I mean, every road does take you there.


wufnu t1_j6lgqhv wrote

A fresh, naive crowd every morning...


nim_opet t1_j6iczs7 wrote

Came here to say this. I love stopping by just to admire that people are still living there


UristMasterRace t1_j6kkfle wrote

So the Colosseum was residential apartments for more than twice as long as the USA has been a country 🤯


tmccnt t1_j6kpbgl wrote

I surprised some of my US relatives a while ago by serving them beer from a local brewery about 8 years older than the US. And that is not even rare. Always weird to think how young that country is.


UristMasterRace t1_j6kqnzc wrote

When I was in the UK, a tour guide said: "In the US, 100 years is a long time. In Europe, 100 miles is a long way."


phatspatt t1_j6hjpwv wrote

also i suppose with the plague raging, they could find better digs than a wobbly earthquake-d structure


PG-DaMan t1_j6i6y3u wrote

Its honestly amazing how much of it was also disassembled to use for other things.


onometre t1_j6j9tjk wrote

People 1000 years ago: wow this building is so old it borders on mythic. Let's live in it and take parts to make new buildings

People now: this gas station opened 6 months ago and is now a historic monument that can never be changed again


fell-deeds-awake t1_j6hrzuk wrote

And here I am, thinking what Arsenal did with Highbury was cool...


TaliesinMerlin t1_j6jl815 wrote

Some say that they hung banners on the coliseum like, "We ain't lion, we have the best rates" and "Gladiator? Be gladtolivehere!"


chbailey442013 t1_j6iu535 wrote

Would be even cooler if the apartments were haunted by the ghosts of gladiators. I would totally watch a movie about that.


RobinsShaman t1_j6jujou wrote

Oh no. Now modern developers want to submit an application to do this today. LUXURY Apts coming soon. And let's paint it green.


Lelabear t1_j6k3aga wrote

Guess that was after they filled the coliseum with water and

recreated sea battles?


CrestedBonedog t1_j6l6e4u wrote

The naumachia under the Augustus and other early emperors were as far in the past for the people living in 9th century Rome as the Middle Ages are to us today. The last gladiator battles were outlawed in the late 4th century by Theodosius I.

Good for him.


Quiverjones t1_j6kehb4 wrote

Was it to house the homeless?


ItsGermany t1_j6jhycg wrote

Imagine the arguments! "My family has lived here for 400 years!!!!" But it was just some Interim phase for the building..... Amazing, and makes those flag waving Trump Nazis look like a bunch of whiney little snitches, oh wait, they are....


1895red t1_j6ihs2f wrote

CE, not AD. It's very important.


amicouligano t1_j6ijtib wrote

It's not


1895red t1_j6ikst4 wrote

Letting one religion speak for the entire world's history is pretty gross, my dude.


DannyFuckingCarey t1_j6iot0b wrote

CE is still christian-centric you just changed the name, it doesn't matter


epicpantsryummy t1_j6im561 wrote

It's the same fucking number, lol.


1895red t1_j6ioka6 wrote

Woosh! Reading and reading comprehension are two separate skills.


epicpantsryummy t1_j6jih6z wrote

Writing and common sense are also two separate skills, evidently.


dishonourableaccount t1_j6inc8w wrote

If people actually gave a fuck, they'd come up with some new calendar like the French Republican Calendar or in the Year of Our Ford. Instead people lazily renamed it in fear of people getting triggered.

Also, isn't it even more religious to imply the "Common Era" started with the start of the Christian calendar. Didn't think of that, huh?


rxFMS t1_j6jezn9 wrote

i like the idea of a 13 months 28 days per month and jan 1st each year is an uncounted bonus day. that way the date falls on the same day of the week every year. but i dont really "give a fuck"


realjefftaylor t1_j6jfri5 wrote

Sucks if you have like a Wednesday birthday though.


rxFMS t1_j6jhfee wrote

Ya I guess so. But can you imagine the uproar from teachers and govt employees having to take a holiday on a Wednesday and not get a three day weekend with every holiday.


dishonourableaccount t1_j6jhrfe wrote

I really dislike that idea because it ignores the point of weekdays. The goal is 7 days that are on loop, forever. You can go back 7n days for any integer and know that that day was a Monday, just like today is. Really any modified calendar should be independent of the concept of weekdays, and adding an arbitrary non Mon-Sun day defeats the purpose.


rxFMS t1_j6jjkub wrote

Wouldn’t 4 weeks per month contain 20 week days and 8 week end days?


dishonourableaccount t1_j6jn4gf wrote

> jan 1st each year is an uncounted bonus day

This is the problem. There will be drift across years.

Ignore months for a bit. The length of a day is not a perfect multiple of a year.. of course, they're independent phenomena. The fact that a year is approximately 365.24 days means we can roughly correlate them with 3 365 day years and 1 366 day year, with the next exception happening in 2100.

But, even ignoring religious significance, so much regarding employment, planning, and pop culture relies on every 7th day resetting the cycle. There's no reason to construct a "new" calendar that messes up that pattern. If there was to be an alternate calendar, it should just tick upwards independently of the concept of weeks or months. Something like today is "Day 8431" of the 3rd millenium. And use kilodays, hectodays, and decadays. Weird, but so is every other alternate calendar concept. At least this one would make time keeping off-Earth simple.


rxFMS t1_j6jnqau wrote

I appreciate the response.


1895red t1_j6ino3j wrote

Do you think this is some kind of Twitter-esque 'gotcha?'


GeorgeSantosBurner t1_j6ixcf7 wrote

Do you think being pedantic to a bunch of redditors that likely agree with you on religion but are better at choosing fights than AD vs CE is a productive use of your time?


1895red t1_j6iy9lq wrote

The pedantism began when them; they get what they give.


GeorgeSantosBurner t1_j6ka0sr wrote

At the very least, the pretentiousness began with you...


1895red t1_j6ka68s wrote

Yeah okay buddy. ITT: upsetero christians knee-jerk into delusion and fallacy


Outypoo t1_j6kvefo wrote

Youre arguing with a bunch of likely atheists. As another atheist, I dont give a shit about CE vs AD, it quite literally is NOT important.


ReturnOfCE t1_j6j0rym wrote

At the risk of getting downvoted, I agree with you. It’s an imperfect change sure, but it’s a very simple courtesy to others.

Can’t believe the amount of anger/seethe your comment generated lol


BigSwedenMan t1_j6k134g wrote

It's because nobody cares and it's totally meaningless. It's the exact same date, why expend energy on this fight?


1895red t1_j6j0yqa wrote

Right? That's all I'm saying; I appreciate your understanding. I seriously don't understand why people are so damn angry about it.


boblinquist t1_j6jhzdr wrote

It’s a bit pedantic to correct others over such trivial matters. We all understand what that means, they both mean exactly the same. Also, stating it’s very important, is not really correct. It might be to you, so go forth and be a good example in the world, but you can’t force anyone else to treat things you deem to be important as also important. It comes across a bit condescending


oldmancornelious t1_j6hy2og wrote

That is longer than the US has been a nation. As an American I find that telling.


tnicholson t1_j6i0rv4 wrote

As an American, please stop bringing up the US when it’s completely irrelevant. Especially if you’re going to tack on some nebulous pseudo-intellectual commentary.


Full_Temperature_920 t1_j6i7cmg wrote

It's only natural to interpret new info in the context of what you already know. Everytime I learn something about another country I think about it compares to Jamaica. Why can't your compatriot do the same with your country?

You really hate your country that much that you can't stand to even see it mentioned in online forums huh?


omar1993 t1_j6ianrm wrote

and you're clearly obsessed with your country if you think it makes sense to bring it up when it's utterly irrelevant. You really hate being on topic, huh?


geologyrocks98 t1_j6i598m wrote

You sound like the kind of person who uses words like "earthy" and "tannic" to describe the aroma of your own farts.


_SkateFastEatAss_ t1_j6ix4b7 wrote

At least they don't bring up farts in a conversation as an 11 year old would do


geologyrocks98 t1_j6j14e1 wrote

What would I do without your pearl clutching, u/_SkateFastEatAss_? You truly are a beacon of maturity. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways.


_SkateFastEatAss_ t1_j6j2ris wrote

The amount you overreact means you're either a troll or a manchild.

Either way, I hope you feel better soon.


omar1993 t1_j6iaija wrote

What the fuck does America have to do with this at all?


Old_Week t1_j6i96rb wrote

Telling about what lmao


onometre t1_j6j9chw wrote

It's telling about how this was longer than the US has been a nation, obviously