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Nyghtshayde t1_j6jsr6t wrote

My first trip to Rome I stayed at an Airbnb a bit away from the main attractions. Being a tourist in that part of town was a bit of a novelty - the locals were genuinely (mildly) surprised. It was nice to be away from the bustle of those main areas too.


ghost650 t1_j6jtc4a wrote

This sounds lovely.


Nyghtshayde t1_j6jxonw wrote

It was! The Airbnb owners were a young engaged couple, I was their second guest ever. I had a birthday while I was there and they made me a cake. It was a really special trip and even though I was a bit disappointed at first to be so far from all the sights it kind of made it a bit special.


monchota t1_j6jym6e wrote

I was there in 03 for a HS trip, it was a different time. It was wild to stay in waht was concidered hotels.


Navy_Canuck t1_j6k3qo0 wrote

Went to Rome a few years back. We walked away from the tourist areas and really enjoyed it. Much quieter and no people trying to sell you shit.


Nyghtshayde t1_j6kck34 wrote

There's also genuine interest in where you're from, at least from some people.