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Landlubber77 t1_j5a26db wrote

> In over 80% of cases, the extra lid forms on the right eye, while less than a fifth see it appear on the left. The concensus amongst Biologists is that this is due to the anticlockwise circulation of the wind in areas rife with camel populations.

Wait so literally three lids, not three pairs of lids? Also, why would the circulation of the wind make a difference? Do the camels only walk in one direction their whole lives?


Thedrunner2 t1_j59zg16 wrote

Nictitating membranes are common in many animal species for eye protection


krxwe OP t1_j59zmvc wrote

ooh, interesting


DiabeticPissingSyrup t1_j5a0r9a wrote

You know the little weird bit in the corner of your eye by your nose?

That's the remains of our third eyelid.


krxwe OP t1_j5a0u5d wrote

ew!? you’re lying!!


DiabeticPissingSyrup t1_j5a10nu wrote


SofaKingI t1_j5be19p wrote

>Through repeated effort, however, humans can recover some ability to wiggle their ears.

I can't tell if this is a joke. How would someone do that?


sbingner t1_j5c6riq wrote

I mean… I can do it, you just try to wiggle your ears… maybe wiggle them by hand and see what it feels like, then do it with muscles.

It’s not like you flap them around or point them, but they can move a little.


obsertaries t1_j5a7f9y wrote

Somehow while scrolling through I read that as “Canadians have three eyelids”.


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SofaKingI t1_j5bfbdu wrote

>The conjunction of three eyelids with an arid sandy environment, seems as illogical

Having an extra translucent eyelid to protect from sand while still being able to see a bit "seems illogical"? What?

It's basically desert goggles.