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OakParkCemetary t1_j2mvzoa wrote

And if you played on the Sega Genesis, they included an "ABACABB" code as a nod to the band Genesis. The code would turn on blood


DirtyDanTheManlyMan t1_j2nfge6 wrote

Noob was so much fun in MK9. I miss playing that game with my friends back when it was new. 10 and 11 added way too much stuff


FailureToReport t1_j2o16pl wrote

Noob was always my favorite character just because he looked bad ass, but my brother and friends would always veto being able to play him :(


rick_blatchman t1_j2sdjaa wrote

> my brother and friends would always veto being able to play him

What the hell? Did they also physically attack other kids for beating them in the game?


DismalChance t1_j2opqy9 wrote

Noob Saibot is also the original Sub Zero who was killed in the first Mortal Kombat by Scorpion. Ever since the second game, sub zero has been Kuai Lang; the younger brother who took the Sub Zero name after his brothers death.


ElfMage83 t1_j2mgzu9 wrote

Spelt is a grain.


jaded_dahlia t1_j2mr748 wrote

Wow who would've guessed


MangoSea323 t1_j2mul3h wrote

Not me, or OP, or the... checks notes... 30 other people who upvoted


YoungGazz t1_j2m8swm wrote

The 90s faxed, they want their facts back, by fax.


witty_decoy_account t1_j2mlc8e wrote

Latest release Mortal Kombat 11 April 23, 2019


YoungGazz t1_j2mlxu2 wrote

Thanks release date bot.


MangoSea323 t1_j2murox wrote

The 70s called, they said you can quit using their overused jokes now