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[deleted] t1_j4h7dm1 wrote



darkbee83 t1_j4h82v6 wrote

We already know the rumors are true: Weird Al is... Just as nice (and weird) as he seems.


LegendOfBobbyTables t1_j4hc3l3 wrote

I briefly met him once, in passing, in LA. He was truly a nice guy who seemed to genuinely appreciate us as fans even though we approached him in public.


DrQuantum t1_j4h9elh wrote

Everybody has demons. And with cancel culture its only a matter of time someone films him saying something mildly mean to someone on a bad day and the tabloids start coming out.


dubbsmqt t1_j4hb92z wrote

Naw, not everyone is shitty


DrQuantum t1_j4hhfls wrote

Are you claiming you’ve never done anything bad in your entire life that could be misconstrued by a tabloid? Give me a break.


Fullspectrum84 t1_j4heha9 wrote

But everyone does shitty things sometimes.


TatteredCarcosa t1_j4idanb wrote

I mean, like what?


Fullspectrum84 t1_j4ivyfx wrote

I don’t care who you are. Somewhere someone feels crossed by you.


TatteredCarcosa t1_j4jeok5 wrote

Sure, but people don't get cancelled for making one person cross. They generally get cancelled for shit like sexual harassment or promoting white supremacist conspiracy theories.


Fullspectrum84 t1_j4jjzaj wrote

When did weird Al get cancelled or when did I mention that?!?!


Fullspectrum84 t1_j4icay2 wrote

Somebody somewhere thinks he’s an asshole. Not me, but it’s part of life.


ioverated t1_j4hxv26 wrote

People don't get cancelled for saying something mildly mean to someone on a bad day. This happened to Tom Hanks. He's fine.