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Duffman66CMU t1_j4hjlc6 wrote

Oh I’m not saying they don’t bite. Just that I could write that without a card catalogue.


Sweaty-Lock-1931 t1_j4huj91 wrote

The song is nearly 40 years old. Have you considered it's responsible for turning deep duck lore into common knowledge? Of course nowadays everybody knows ducks bite!


Duffman66CMU t1_j4huyff wrote

That’s true, but I knew it at the time. Maybe I’m just a duck-o-phile. I figured everyone majored in Anas Platyrhynchos.


DialsMavis t1_j4hrc6c wrote

Ya I’m here to see what information he got from this research that he used in the song. In order to take a week he’d have to go beyond the paragraph there would be in the encyclopedia. But what else would there be on ducks. Scientific journals with a study on habits and behavior or something?


drkensaccount t1_j4hvd6q wrote

You wouldn't find too many scientific journals at your neighborhood library, but you'd probably find a few "Waterfowl of North America" type general interest books. Maybe one or two on ducks themselves.


Duffman66CMU t1_j4huofk wrote

Many different encyclopedias. Grolier? Encyclopedia Brittanica? That time all adds up.