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Psychological-Rub-72 t1_j4hdn45 wrote

"Went to the library and researched ducks for a week"

Ahh, life before the internet. Going to the library, looking in the card catalog, writing down the Dewey decimal system numbers, then going to the stacks to get the books (598.41*).

Good times, good times.


FastWalkingShortGuy t1_j4hf534 wrote

In this case, it would be the Huey, Dewey, and Louie decimal system.


DonutCola t1_j4ip2ha wrote

Huey Dewey Louie and the News


letmesleep t1_j4j523y wrote

I've had "Huey Louie and the Booze" in my back pocket for the name of a ska band since like 2008. One of these days...


Data444 t1_j4hm3ie wrote

if they have a award for the most wholesome joke on the internet. This would be a contender.


RudeIBegYa t1_j4jyktj wrote

You’ve peaked. Unfortunately, it’s all downhill from here, but on the bright side you chose a hell of a joke to end on


NotAPimecone t1_j4hq0e8 wrote


  • Conan the Librarian

Bitter_Mongoose t1_j4j2jmg wrote


-Conan the Librarian


JustAPerspective t1_j4igq7x wrote

"A week gong to the library" was half an hour en route, an hour or two there, and half an hour back, plus notes that would hand-written (nobody was hauling a typewriter that far) and "photocopier" was not a publicly available thing.


OSCgal t1_j4isb1g wrote

Handwritten notes would be easiest, but portable typewriters did exist. And libraries could have typewriters available.

I am slightly too young to remember what kind of copy technology my library had in the mid-1980s, but commercial copiers were introduced in 1959, so it's entirely possible that libraries has them.


creggieb t1_j4j7fzq wrote

In the early 90s my library had coin-op photocopiers.


-tiberius t1_j4kezf4 wrote

A hand-carried typewriter is the kinda thing Al would own.


JustAPerspective t1_j4jhub0 wrote

>Handwritten notes would be easiest, but portable typewriters did exist. And libraries could have typewriters available.

Those "portable" typewriters - you might want to look up the weight & size. Then remember that "wheels on the case" wasn't a thing yet, and imagine lugging that to a public building. Also the replacement ink, erasing cartridge (if applicable) and if it's electric you're gonna need to plug it in.

Notes were easier - we were there.

>I am slightly too young to remember what kind of copy technology my library had in the mid-1980s, but commercial copiers were introduced in 1959, so it's entirely possible that libraries has them.

Largely, they did not until the 90s.


shhhhquiet t1_j4k04be wrote

Coin op copiers were a thing in the 80s and any library with a collection big enough to support a week of in-person research just on ducks probably had one. It would have been a high priority in fact. I remember using them in my not-terribly-large public library in the late 80s.


JustAPerspective t1_j4kftb0 wrote

Entirely possible - our experiences weren't universal, & our recollection could readily be wrong.


PlainTrain t1_j4jqoho wrote

Nonsense. Canon was advertising personal photocopiers in 1985.


JustAPerspective t1_j4jsa46 wrote

Common sense would realize that public libraries didn't often have funding for expensive equipment in most neighborhoods, especially new stuff that was delicate and required a lot of maintenance.


PlainTrain t1_j4ju2ow wrote

You really should just quit because you have no idea what you are talking about. Photocopiers were extremely common in the mid ‘80s. My small rural high school had two in 1985: one in the office, one in the library.


VeryJoyfulHeart59 t1_j4mef88 wrote

I don't doubt that Weird Al made handwritten notes.

Although portable typewriters were definitely a thing in 1985, they were loud. (Libraries were still a shhhhh zone back then.) Plus people didn't really take notes on a typewriter. Typewriters were generally used once you had all your notes and were ready to type your final document (or at least a first draft).

Photocopiers were definitely available in Southern California libraries (where Weird Al grew most likely resides). I know that my library had one in 1967. However, they were fairly expensive to use.

Besides, given the lyrics, I don't think he was taking down massive amounts of duck details.


Blutarg t1_j4n0pxb wrote

On the other hand, your research wasn't constantly being interrupted by asinine pop-up ads.


LemonPepperSniper t1_j4h5apw wrote

In college I had an exam that would possibly determine the course of rest of my life and I didn't even study a week on it.

I guess that's why he has a major motion picture partially based on his life and I don't.


calebmke t1_j4jxk5k wrote

Study for a week probably really means he went in an hour here or there a couple times that week and read over a few books. The dude didn’t spend 40 hours in the library like it was his job


WhatACunningHam t1_j4he21n wrote

Makes you wonder what kind of research he did for his music videos like Amish Paradise and Like a Surgeon.


amadeus2490 t1_j4hgy6w wrote

Like A Surgeon reportedly came from Madonna, herself: Weird Al called her up to ask for permission to do a parody of her song, and she laughed and asked "What is it called, 'Like A Surgeon?'".

He thought the idea was actually a lot better than what he had come up with on his own, so he scrapped it and wrote an entire parody based off her idea!


Skin_Effect t1_j4hohu0 wrote

Better than his fish version "like a sturgeon"


WibbyFogNobbler t1_j4hrjvz wrote

They could've used that as the theme for Wheel of Fish


Toaster_bath13 t1_j4hscle wrote

I saw UHF in theatres as a kid. My grandma suffered through a lot of weird movies. She was the best.


WhatAboutDubs t1_j4jzwzj wrote

Ah, red snapper! Very tasty! Or you can have what's in the box!


BartholomewBandy t1_j4hlzp1 wrote

His dad gave him Amish Paradise as a description of his childhood. Don’t you know…


ElderCunningham OP t1_j4ivbpw wrote

Just don't call Al a liar, 'cause shut up, you weren't there


wolfpwarrior t1_j4iq7vz wrote

For Like A Surgeon, it started after the wild success of his first ever original song Eat It, which was then parodied by Michael Jackson with the song Beat It. After some heavy drinking and drugs with his then girlfriend Madonna, he ended up in the OR, where he gained his inspiration.

It's a shame he and Madonna had a falling out after he killed Pablo Escobar, and she took over the drug Cartel. She had a hit done on him on live TV back in 1985. RIP.

Or at least that is what I got from the movie.


TheSpiceMelon t1_j4ht9hy wrote

He really is dedicated to his craft. I read that he spent years studying Jewish history and texts before writing “Pretty Fly for a Rabbi”


-tiberius t1_j4keo9q wrote

He spent 6 months in Jerusalem studying the Torah and he even got circumcised as an adult to better understand Jewish culture. Fun fact, he's now a registered mohel in the state of California.


Duffman66CMU t1_j4helk7 wrote

Doesn’t sound like it. “I want a new duck. One that won’t try to bite…”


sm9t8 t1_j4hygep wrote

I chose to believe he tried to write biologically accurate verses about the rape, necrophilia, and corkscrew penises, but after a disastrous demo he was chased out of the library and went with a much tamer concept.


Duffman66CMU t1_j4i14a8 wrote

When the parody is worse than the original song about drugs


Van_GOOOOOUGH t1_j4hheog wrote


Duffman66CMU t1_j4hjlc6 wrote

Oh I’m not saying they don’t bite. Just that I could write that without a card catalogue.


Sweaty-Lock-1931 t1_j4huj91 wrote

The song is nearly 40 years old. Have you considered it's responsible for turning deep duck lore into common knowledge? Of course nowadays everybody knows ducks bite!


Duffman66CMU t1_j4huyff wrote

That’s true, but I knew it at the time. Maybe I’m just a duck-o-phile. I figured everyone majored in Anas Platyrhynchos.


DialsMavis t1_j4hrc6c wrote

Ya I’m here to see what information he got from this research that he used in the song. In order to take a week he’d have to go beyond the paragraph there would be in the encyclopedia. But what else would there be on ducks. Scientific journals with a study on habits and behavior or something?


drkensaccount t1_j4hvd6q wrote

You wouldn't find too many scientific journals at your neighborhood library, but you'd probably find a few "Waterfowl of North America" type general interest books. Maybe one or two on ducks themselves.


Duffman66CMU t1_j4huofk wrote

Many different encyclopedias. Grolier? Encyclopedia Brittanica? That time all adds up.


MooseInDisguise t1_j4hf93g wrote

Seriously! The lyrics do not reflect this alleged "week of research" at all???


Black-Thirteen t1_j4hjz5a wrote

1985 was before 'True Facts About the Duck' was released. Otherwise, that much effort wouldn't have been necessary.


eremite00 t1_j4i8xb1 wrote

“Chicken Pot Pie” would’ve been great. I still can’t believe that Paul McCartney opposed it because he’d gone vegetarian, the proposed song being a parody and all, versus a serious advocation.


creggieb t1_j4j7ola wrote

Too bad Coolio has come around first.


eremite00 t1_j4j99tk wrote

Maybe, since McCartney has invested in Next Gen Foods, Weird Al can revisit the song, fitting in plant-based artificial chicken, somehow.


creggieb t1_j4jblr2 wrote

Coolio change of heart has merit because he accepts weird als creation as it is.

If Paul wants to give permission for al to do the song his way, great. Otherwise, I'm not interested.


eremite00 t1_j4je7hg wrote

That's true. I hadn't thought of that. It might seem like some sort of commercial or ad pitch, otherwise.


rick_blatchman t1_j4m404d wrote

Weird Al became a vegetarian too, but he still played at high-profile BBQ cook-off events. His head his nowhere near his rear, and yes I know about his love of yoga.


plaid_rabbit t1_j4j1mnd wrote

Well. We still talk about Paul being a vegan all these years later on random internet threads because of it.

So. Paul McCartney: 1, You: 0. You lost the game by playing it.


eremite00 t1_j4j5nf2 wrote

McCartney is vegetarian, not vegan.

Is Paul McCartney vegan?

So, no loss, continued consumption of dairy products and all. Probably honey, too.

Edit - Or, as Todd from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World would say, Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian.


tangcameo t1_j4ia53u wrote

He definitely did research for Living With A Hernia. It’s how I learned to name the hernia I have.


kozmonyet t1_j4hh0tg wrote

Very wise man--

You've seen 2+ decades of running joke from simply not verifying the definition of the word "ironic"...


Tincams t1_j4hu27e wrote

Lol like a book report.


brendanjones t1_j4j5kfz wrote

Important to know all the variables before choosing a new duck.


noxii3101 t1_j4jsjin wrote

Yea. Because that’s what a professional does. People think you ain’t shit until you drop those crunchy beats


SinisterDev t1_j4jn2m0 wrote

Weird Al is a national treasure... Dare I say International Treasure!


The9tail t1_j4jw4if wrote

Michael Jackson should be ashamed of what he did to Eat It.


When_Ducks_Attack t1_j4k0afk wrote is only fitting for our brave and noble species.


JustAPerspective t1_j4igzpl wrote

About a week more of research than Mick Jagger has put into all of his songs combined, if John Mulaney's recounting is accurate.


Lizard-Pope t1_j4jxj1u wrote

The man is a bloody genius.


Kurtotall t1_j4jza0o wrote

I would like to hear him cover:

Dragon-Force - Through the Fire and Flames


Mini_Mega t1_j4k6f4v wrote

I've never heard that one before.


sadistic342 t1_j4kbyyz wrote

I mean his songs are good so


-tiberius t1_j4kece3 wrote

Ah, yes, his last single before being gunned down by Madonna's henchman. RIP, Al.


oceanduciel t1_j4knm0r wrote

That’s the 1985 version of falling down a Wikipedia rabbit hole


TheUntalentedBard t1_j4lhl75 wrote

How else would he have known if he indeed wanted a duck.


DoesntFearZeus t1_j4lq4pm wrote

Gotta find enough terms to use for the rhymes and synonyms, etc.


evilkumquat t1_j4lu258 wrote

And yet NONE of the lyrics talked about the penis.

*exasperated sigh


[deleted] t1_j4h7dm1 wrote



darkbee83 t1_j4h82v6 wrote

We already know the rumors are true: Weird Al is... Just as nice (and weird) as he seems.


LegendOfBobbyTables t1_j4hc3l3 wrote

I briefly met him once, in passing, in LA. He was truly a nice guy who seemed to genuinely appreciate us as fans even though we approached him in public.


DrQuantum t1_j4h9elh wrote

Everybody has demons. And with cancel culture its only a matter of time someone films him saying something mildly mean to someone on a bad day and the tabloids start coming out.


dubbsmqt t1_j4hb92z wrote

Naw, not everyone is shitty


DrQuantum t1_j4hhfls wrote

Are you claiming you’ve never done anything bad in your entire life that could be misconstrued by a tabloid? Give me a break.


Fullspectrum84 t1_j4heha9 wrote

But everyone does shitty things sometimes.


TatteredCarcosa t1_j4idanb wrote

I mean, like what?


Fullspectrum84 t1_j4ivyfx wrote

I don’t care who you are. Somewhere someone feels crossed by you.


TatteredCarcosa t1_j4jeok5 wrote

Sure, but people don't get cancelled for making one person cross. They generally get cancelled for shit like sexual harassment or promoting white supremacist conspiracy theories.


Fullspectrum84 t1_j4jjzaj wrote

When did weird Al get cancelled or when did I mention that?!?!


Fullspectrum84 t1_j4icay2 wrote

Somebody somewhere thinks he’s an asshole. Not me, but it’s part of life.


ioverated t1_j4hxv26 wrote

People don't get cancelled for saying something mildly mean to someone on a bad day. This happened to Tom Hanks. He's fine.


Pathorix t1_j4i9wf8 wrote

Who gives a shit lol


Dapaaads t1_j4ilzbp wrote

You did enough to comment


Pathorix t1_j4j4k8u wrote

The same can be said of the original post