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backformorecrap t1_j6b05fa wrote

Gases and Liquids are fluids


DickNoseKnowz t1_j6b3sa1 wrote

Yea, I’ve always assumed air was a gas, I learned what you stated, not what the misleading title implies


mega_douche1 t1_j6gvzw3 wrote

How is the title misleading? It's just someone not understanding scientific terminologies


LordTwatSlapper t1_j6bj8t1 wrote

Liquid? Fluid

Gas? Also fluid

Solid? Believe it or not, fluid

Plasma? You're right, fluid

We have the best matter in the universe because of fluid


slackerboyfx t1_j6b0na8 wrote

And then you realize that we all live at the bottom of an ocean.


ElfMage83 t1_j6b7iha wrote

Well, yes. Air is a fluid because it flows. That's literally the definition.


dr_gaia t1_j6ayjxb wrote

I was today years old when I learned air was considered a fluid, but by definition, it makes sense.


pickles55 t1_j6czut1 wrote

When a dense mass of air has a less dense mass of air on top of it it can even have waves like the ocean. A lot of what meteorologists do is based on fluid dynamics because weather is the side effects of these high and low pressure zones forming and interacting with each other.


swatson7856 t1_j6b6vnl wrote

If the word phlogiston isn't mentioned, I'll scream


___Phreak___ t1_j6dkfn0 wrote

I guess fluid has a fluid definition


MicdaWise t1_j6i71mh wrote

What? Like highly dense air can carry liquid. Does that make it a liquid?


Youdontknowmypickles t1_j6bibld wrote

Yeah lol. Ok so now I have a question for you. If a balloon is in the back of a covered trunk, no air influence from the outside, and the truck turns left, which way does the balloon go? It’s tied to a string inside the trunk.


thunderstorm99 t1_j6c72ta wrote

You didn’t specify what the balloon is filled with. If it is less dense than air: to the left as the air is pushed to the right pushing the less dense balloon to the left. If the balloon is filled with something denser than air: to the right as it pushes air out of its way.


bosstea16 t1_j6boico wrote

Electricity has some fluid properties if we are being honest.

It just then has some not fluid properties also .


Peacemkr45 t1_j6el233 wrote

Air is not a liquid as a liquid cannot be compressed. Air however can be.


andreasdagen OP t1_j6ezuoc wrote

fluid means "liquid, gas, or plasma" I used to think it just meant liquid, but it also includes gas and plasma.


Free_Composer_6000 t1_j6aw71a wrote

You really only just learned that?


Landlubber77 t1_j6b3xf0 wrote

The fact that you know nothing about this person or his/her age and are still incredulous that they didn't learn this information at the exact moment you did makes you look far more ignorant.


Kavaalt t1_j6biyud wrote

well written and a VERY good point


andreasdagen OP t1_j6azcpb wrote

yea, fluid translates to the norwegian word for liquid, so I thought fluid meant liquid.


rxneutrino t1_j6b2i9h wrote

If the Norwegian word for fluid is synonymous with liquid, what is the Norwegian word for non-liquid fluidity? Surely there is a way to express this concept in that language.


andreasdagen OP t1_j6b2mqv wrote


don't think we have a word that covers both liquid and gas like fluid does.


espentan t1_j6bcm0s wrote

Fluid, it's called fluid in Norwegian as well. The word for liquid fluid is 'væske', and if you ask Google Translate what 'væske' is in Norwegian it just returns 'fluid'.


tbodillia t1_j6bac5d wrote

OK, curious: Fluid Dynamics can be broken down to (among others) aerodynamics (gas) and hydrodynamics (liquid), or pneumatics (gas) and hydraulics (liquid). So what do Norwegians call "Fluid Dynamics" and what you you break it down to?

I fell like I'm delving into the American debate/argument that there is a difference between an engine and a motor. In most languages, when you translate "engine" it becomes motor.

I'm also reminded of the "stoner" meme that keeps popping up here: do crabs think fish can fly? Well, it's fluid dynamics. If humans think birds fly, sure crabs think fish fly.


tbodillia t1_j6b8v6s wrote

I've argued with people my age, 58, that air is a fluid. It's usually when a pump is sucking air and I say "the pump can only move one fluid at a time..." and then they want to argue that air isn't a fluid.


DarkBladeMadriker t1_j6awh6j wrote

Your third grade teacher would like a word...


andreasdagen OP t1_j6axzti wrote

I don't think I knew the english word "fluid" in third grade


SageKAoki t1_j6b5185 wrote

Solids liquids and gases are different than fluids


rhiain42 t1_j6du1lu wrote

Liquids & gasses flow &, therefore, are fluid.