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Paradox711 t1_j5ri2zw wrote

Or I would suggest that more often than not, the NHS has insufficient resources and time to actually diagnose these illnesses. Because of this, often it’s all they can do to treat the symptoms and leave you with platitudes.

It’s a sad state of affairs, 2 times in my life I’ve suffered with some very extreme and unusual symptoms and been hospitalised. Only to be told “Hm, we’ll isn’t that odd… we’ll run an MRI/some blood work. Well that wasn’t quite enough to really tell us anything… so have this medication and let us know if it gets worse. Off you go now”. The problem is that waiting lists to see specialist consultants within the NHS at the moment can run upwards of a year. So the GP can’t help, and the consultants are too busy, and by the time you’ve seen them unless it’s a persistent issue it may be missed.

After all that it took 15 years and several expensive private doctors to actually find out what the cause was.

That’s just my experience, and perhaps I’m letting it overshadow the point of the post. But I know very well im not the only one with that experience.


HobgoblinKhanate1 t1_j5tg935 wrote

I also want to point out something people miss. There’s actually not much they can do for you for a lot of things. It’s not a case of “I’m fucked fix me”, that’s why people get ill and die every day. We can’t actually do anything anyway


Paradox711 t1_j5thbda wrote

What do you mean?


machisuji t1_j5twg8t wrote

Most of the treatments we have simply treat the symptoms. Say you have a viral lung infection. Not much they can do. Just give you maybe painkillers and stuff to surpress coughing too much. But the actual healing has to be done by the body and what ever they give you doesn't actually help with that. Just makes the time til you're healed more bearable.

Though with other things like a bacterial infection they can help by giving antibiotics.