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tyedyezzz t1_j5szlmw wrote

That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about how upsetting it can be when someone thinks you're not in pain and you are.


Poggse t1_j5szr1k wrote

Ok but that's clearly not what I was initially referring to


tyedyezzz t1_j5szw5f wrote

You said that a lot of people whine and are hypochondriacs. I made a comment about how important it is not to dismiss people and label them whiners and hypochondriacs.


Poggse t1_j5t05qx wrote

For every person with real pain, there are multiple dramatic actors


tyedyezzz t1_j5t0bnr wrote

Even if that was true, clearly those people need a different kind of help. And if you are a medical professional, I think it's a shame if you assume most people are faking because you've encountered someone 'faking'. So much is incredibly hard to diagnose.

It's what stops a lot of people from going to the doctor in the first place.


Poggse t1_j5t0na1 wrote

What they need is to grow up. They are attention seekers. It's obnoxious, tedious and woefully transparent.


tyedyezzz t1_j5t0s2n wrote

But there are so many stories of people who medical professionals couldn't find anything wrong with for a long time and it took a lot of willpower and mental toughness for the people to keep pursuing a diagnosis, and some eventually get a diagnosis. So it isn't woefully transparent.


Poggse t1_j5t0yhq wrote

It is when it is, which is more often than not.


tyedyezzz t1_j5t15k6 wrote

Here's hoping you never have any number of aches and pains that all kinds of people have with no explanation. Because if the person you reach out to is like you, there's no end to your suffering in sight. In fact, they're going to really emotionally drain you too.


Poggse t1_j5ujyzr wrote

Literally everyone has aches and pains. You don't realize that because you can't empathize with others.

"Mine are the worst tho!!!! Waaaa"

That's exactly what I'm referring to


tyedyezzz t1_j5uqnx8 wrote

Often aches and pains do seem worse than others' but there isn't a diagnosis for it.


Poggse t1_j5urnkq wrote

It's called being a pussy. We all hurt everyday. Welcome to life.


tyedyezzz t1_j5us1bx wrote

Some of us hurt more than others.


Poggse t1_j5usbar wrote

Which is why fakers are such an issue. If you know the lime to wait at a clinic is going to be hours just because a bunch of whiny narcissists are clogging up the clinic, you don't bother going. Same with hospitals.


tyedyezzz t1_j5usklx wrote

Or if you have a legitimate pain and are constantly dismissed and have no option than to keep pressing the issue because you're in unbearable pain, then it's a great shame all your time is wasted having to convince people to believe you.


Poggse t1_j5ustzr wrote

Less than 1% of patients are determined to be fakers, so your argument doesn't hold up against stats.


tyedyezzz t1_j5ut64a wrote

"For every person with real pain, there are multiple dramatic actors."

You said that in this thread.


Poggse t1_j5utdcg wrote

Yeah, doctors over prescribe and over diagnose because they are paid to do that by big pharma. What's your point


tyedyezzz t1_j5utm3s wrote

You're arguing with 'stats' but now you're saying don't pay attention to 'stats'.


Poggse t1_j5uu4vk wrote

Stats are made by companies with agendas. Stats are advertising. They aren't representative of reality.


tyedyezzz t1_j5uua5i wrote

"Less than 1% of patients are determined to be fakers, so your argument doesn't hold up against stats."

Why is this important to you then?


Poggse t1_j5uuvor wrote

Because a doctor is always going to diagnose and prescribe. That's how they make money.

So if they determine someone is a faker, it must be an extremely egregious and obvious example that warrants no diagnosis or prescription.

But of course, it's very easy to say the magic words to get the doctor to open up their prescription pad.

It's like you have no idea that there's an opioid epidemic.

Or how medical Marijuana laws worked before recreational weed was available.

People are constantly gaming the system. If you are too naive to accept that, then I have a bridge to sell you.


tyedyezzz t1_j5uwhxj wrote

If you look at the OP, it says that 1/4 people who visit a GP have physical conditions that cannot be explained. Whether you agree with the stats or not, I'm not sure. But that's the post we've met under.


Poggse t1_j5ux06g wrote

That won't stop a doctor from giving them drugs or fussing over them, which is what fakers ultimately want.


tyedyezzz t1_j5ux82d wrote

"Because a doctor is always going to diagnose and prescribe. That's how they make money."

So I think we can remove 'diagnose' from this.


Poggse t1_j5uxbyg wrote



tyedyezzz t1_j5uxgi2 wrote

Because if a condition can't be explained, it can't be diagnosed, to my understanding.


Poggse t1_j5uxkly wrote

They'll just diagnose whatever makes money and/or gets the patient to fuck off.


tyedyezzz t1_j5uxx9b wrote

But the OP says 1/4 people who visit a GP have medical conditions that can't be explained. So if you accept that, that's not quite what's happening.


Poggse t1_j5uy9pb wrote

Just because it can't be explained doesn't mean they won't get drugs.

And if they're not after drugs, they're likely just starved for attention. Nothing makes them feel more important than a sympathetic doctor asking them about their life like they matter.


tyedyezzz t1_j5uyg9l wrote

I think they do matter.

And getting drugs isn't a diagnosis.


Poggse t1_j5uynyz wrote

I didn't say it was.

They only matter to the doctors in terms of dollars, not in terms of people.