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Lyx4088 t1_j5uuh2v wrote

Wrong again. Yes there is.

Antibiotics are the biggest culprit of being prescribed when not warranted. That absolutely has issues, but the people pressuring their doctor for antibiotics are not the people who are going back time after time over years to a number of doctors trying to figure out what is going on with them. Those are not the people who are going undiagnosed with symptoms that can’t be currently (emphasis on currently) be explained by the doctor overseeing their care.


Poggse t1_j5uv4qw wrote

Ok now do the opioid epidemic.

Or maybe medicinal Marijuana before it was made recreationally legal.


Lyx4088 t1_j5uzvae wrote

What do those have to do with anything? A patient coming to a doctor looking for answers to what they’re struggling with does not mean they’re faking. The opioid epidemic was caused by doctors and pharmaceutical companies underplaying the addiction risks for far too long. That has nothing to do with patients who can’t get diagnosed. Pain is a common symptom of many diseases, but having pain doesn’t mean drug seeking. And if you’d bother to read anything (because clearly you’re not) you’d see that doctors are not prescribing pain medications when not warranted based on the presenting complaint to a huge extent, and that is even more true in todays world where they’re even going after pharmacies for not controlling opioid medications better and verifying abuse. Trying to discuss opioids in this context isn’t even the same thing.

And medical marijuana? What does that have to do with anything. You seem to be making an assumption that the people who are going undiagnosed are walking away with either an opioid prescription or using medical marijuana with zero data to support it. Stop distracting from the fact that you are absolutely wrong in your baseless assumption people who are undiagnosed after visiting a primary doctor are faking.


Poggse t1_j5v07p1 wrote

Opioid and Marijuana prescriptions shown that the system us abused and gamed by patients. If patients can lie to get drugs, why wouldn't they lie to get fussed over and get personal attention that they're starved for? Have you met old people?


Lyx4088 t1_j5v0kmh wrote

That has nothing to do with people not being diagnosed by a primary doctor. Seriously. Do some reading on what is actually going on and how deficient medicine truly is rather than making asinine assumptions and equating correlation with causation and direct effect. You’re also misrepresenting the opioid epidemic as a patient problem which is absolutely not the case.