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Alba-Indy t1_j5vz0v3 wrote

Genuinely sorry to hear you’ve been through that. It all kind of feeds into itself and can become a self fulfilling prophecy in a way. Very hard to think straight and find a way round it when anxiety is through the roof. Watching my dad go through the shit he’s had to deal with ,and is still dealing with ,has been so difficult. (Wracked with pain, pseudo seizures, personality changes, anxious as hell,etc.etc.). “All in his head”. I’m a health care professional and had never heard of fn pseudo seizures! Thought he was just having everyone on. I knew they weren’t “real” having seen lots of actual seizures, but couldn’t get my head round the fact that to him they are genuine. Total head fuck. His doctor is amazing though and has been brilliant at explaining things to my dad and especially my mum who has to deal with his stuff every day. He has made great progress at times, then falls back. Sorry to go on but I think I needed to get some shit off my chest.🤪


[deleted] t1_j5w00ke wrote

oh wow!! It's really amazing what our mind can convince us of- either convince us and make us feel like something is happening or actually subconsciously causes that thing. The human body is honestly just bizarre.