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wowsosquare t1_j2qbx2e wrote

That HUSSY!! Her ignominy should be immortalized in a movie, so that subsequent generations can know of her shameful behavior, and take warning never to comport oneself in such a disgraceful fashion.


westberry82 t1_j2n5fyd wrote

I've seen the great star of Africa at the tower of London. It's about the size of a golf ball(slightly bigger). it's crazy.


TheProfessor_18 t1_j2opfkp wrote

Things like that are always so intangible. I had to inspect a Diebold facility and they had pallets of cash, thought never even crossed my mind taking it because it’s just seemed like a green block instead of $1 million dollars.


Godtiermasturbator t1_j2oro2w wrote

Well and it's a little tough to hide under your coat


towcar t1_j2ndkmj wrote

Why cut it into different stones?


mic3ttaa OP t1_j2ndtog wrote

imagine if it was stolen, noone has the money to buy a fucking 3,106.75 diamond.


KingCroesus t1_j2nsl35 wrote

no. Theres natural fracture seams in the stone that they break along, you're trying to make the largest CLEAR diamond you can. with all the fractures its pretty cloudy


LifeBuilder t1_j2nsf8a wrote

Someone does. The thief will take whatever max value they can get from their target. A diamond is only worth what the involved parties agree on.


Saltine_Machine t1_j2q3zf0 wrote

Soo.... you mean like how the King of England stole it from Africa?


Rubberfootman t1_j2n4hws wrote

I’ve always thought it suspicious that it was found by a manager, not one of the poor guys doing the actual mining.


monchota t1_j2oqiq8 wrote

A miner did find it, all big finds were given to the manager. Thus he was rhe public face and discovered it.


Rubberfootman t1_j2ou4q8 wrote

Well, South Africa, 1905, there’s no way a black man would be getting the credit.


proze_za t1_j2p2teb wrote

Tbf, anywhere in 1905.


MisterMarcus t1_j2o98w1 wrote

The largest sapphire ever found was discovered by some Australian farmer's kid playing around some local diggings.

The family used the 'rock' as a doorstop for several years before the father finally took a closer look at it....


wowsosquare t1_j2qc2fn wrote

🎶Well the first thing ya know ol' Bruce's a millionaire...🎶


Bubbly-Incident t1_j2n69dh wrote

The story of Cullinan I to Cullinan IX could be turned into a progressive rock record.


IanSan5653 t1_j2mzlw7 wrote

> 9 stones

It was cut into 105 stones, according to the article you linked.


Randomswedishdude t1_j2n27ka wrote

> Cullinan produced 9 major stones of 1,055.89 carats (211.178 g) in total,[23] plus 96 minor [brilliants]( and some unpolished fragments weighing 19.5 carats (3.90 g).[24]

So, you're both right depending on perspective.


SmashScrapeFlip t1_j2nd8zx wrote

a brilliant is a stone. It clearly says "105 stones of assorted cuts" in the specifications of the diamond. There's only one right. There are 105 stones, 9 of them are just big. It is categorically incorrect to say there were only 9 stones.


mrshinrichs t1_j2pv9e2 wrote

My favorite fact is Queen Elizabeth II referred to the Cullinan III & IV as “Granny’s chips.”


wowsosquare t1_j2qc6o6 wrote

>Due to its immense value, detectives were assigned to a steamboat that was rumoured to be carrying the stone, and a parcel was ceremoniously locked in the captain's safe and guarded on the entire journey. It was a diversionary tactic – the stone on that ship was fake, meant to attract those who would be interested in stealing it. Cullinan was sent to the United Kingdom in a plain box via registered post.

Sneak 💯


Accelerator231 t1_j2qdte4 wrote

Damn. And now we can make artificial diamonds. I wonder if we can make something even bigger. Just for laughs


Landlubber77 t1_j2mz1mk wrote

> 530.2 carats

Ejaculates in rabbit

Not like in a rabbit, know what I mean.


Chyvalri t1_j2o63bu wrote

I do know what you mean but thanks for trying to clarify making it even funnier.


VickieLol64 t1_j2omc76 wrote

Which was taken? Unpaid? Put on Queena crown and UK still claims It is theirs