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OGstanfrommaine t1_j65v927 wrote

Wait till you find out Jack Black is the lead singer of Tenacious D


MineNo5611 t1_j66yw51 wrote

I don’t think you can know what Tenacious D is and not know that’s Jack Black.


OsakaJack t1_j679gb5 wrote

Wait. Which one is Jack Black again?


Smodphan t1_j67dv8r wrote

Hes the guitar


unicornlocostacos t1_j6998hf wrote

He’s the motorcycle, no wait that’s Owen Wilson, shit.


MysteryPerker t1_j6c4dj0 wrote

No, Meatloaf was the motorcycle.


AholeBrock t1_j6bxqfy wrote

but Tenacious D is actually good and Jack Black doesn't even have a cult or a private island.


bdrake0923 t1_j65kors wrote

Paul McCartney has a successful solo career, but, was in a band before that.


bolanrox t1_j65llwo wrote

hey who are those 3 guys with Paul? - Screech from saved by the bell.


Bridge4_Kal t1_j65pbjt wrote

Nice bloke to play with unknown up-and-coming artists...


askmeaboutmysciatica t1_j664sfu wrote

Pauly M and the wings, who could forget


thasnazgul t1_j68kfpg wrote

He tried so hard to make that wings hand gesture popular. At least Wu Tang managed to revive it.


Sevla7 t1_j65kmx1 wrote

This guy was in a lot of memorable movies like Fight Club, American Psycho and Requiem for a Dream. But now he is the "Morbius guy" and I think he deserves that.


Yeti_2222 t1_j65v3ti wrote

Lord of War alongside Nic Cage. Great movie.


BabyTRexArms t1_j668jgd wrote

Don’t forget his weird sex cult. I respect the shit outta him for making the “Morbius 2: Morbin’ Time” parody skit though.


ReanimatedStalin t1_j67plvx wrote

It's a known fact that the now legendary line as spoken by miles quaritch upon finding out he has been reborn as a na'vi "why so blue?" was written by Leto.


kevlarbuns t1_j69nixe wrote

I credit requiem for a dream waaaaayyy more than any other education as keeping me the hell away from hard drugs.


gypywqoOO t1_j6cghhd wrote



kevlarbuns t1_j6dcgdr wrote

Yeah, there were definitely some stark moments. The hell of withdrawals and falling into OD were poignant, as well as just the behavior of all the addicts towards each other. And themselves.

I think requiem was so effective because it showed the banality of addiction. Nothing super stylized. Just the hell of having your entire life revolve around feeding the addiction your brain places above all other things in life, and there’s not even a close second. Friends, family, partners, children, they are all far down the list when your brain is slamming you to feed the addiction.


gypywqoOO t1_j6dss9r wrote

Trainspotting made me never want to try heroin.

Requiem reminds you if you do do heroin.... Don't suck dick for it


Mrmojorisincg t1_j6l5q83 wrote

He was great in the thin red line too

What hurts Jareds case though is that he was the joker too and that was also very bad


shmoove_cwiminal t1_j65i3ak wrote

Only for the last 20 years though.


stewmander t1_j665vjh wrote

TIL Jared Leto was the front man for American Rock Band "Thirty Seconds to Mars" 20 years ago. He still is, but he used to be too.


Forbidden_Donut503 t1_j667zwf wrote



tryingtodefendhim t1_j672uz2 wrote

You want a frozen banana?


SirPranceA_Lot t1_j67x96a wrote

I'm good, but do you have your receipt for that donut?


LouBerryManCakes t1_j699nwe wrote

Don't even act like I didn't buy that donut! I have the documentation right here!


AholeBrock t1_j6bxvmn wrote

TIL 30 seconds to mars considers themselves "rock" lmao


leigh094 t1_j65jmys wrote

Gerard Way is the front man if My Chemical Romance and Gene Simmons plays bass in Kiss


bolanrox t1_j65jrxp wrote

the guy from that Tom Selleck movie?!?!?


kaisertralfaz t1_j65kwhb wrote

And the Rutger Hauer movie Wanted: Dead or Alive (which is worth a watch)


ermghoti t1_j65myfl wrote

This was a surprisingly good movie. Rutger Hauer can do no wrong.


evolution9673 t1_j664k3f wrote

That movie sparked some unexpected feelings in me as a kid…like a desire to live in a loft/warehouse with my car and motorcycle.


bolanrox t1_j65lhl2 wrote

i think i have seen that? but i might be confusing it with Hobo with a Shotgun


LLuerker t1_j690hrq wrote

What is Gene Simmons most known for if it isn’t being in Kiss?


downvoteheaven t1_j69856m wrote

He was in a reality show called Family Jewels. Basically a ripoff of the Osbournes


Faded_Sun t1_j6dsqgv wrote

He also has become a successful comic book writer.


OsakaJack t1_j679qta wrote

Um. You put My Chemical Romance in my Kiss. And it tastes kinda awful.


Phunny t1_j65za9o wrote

I just learned this... Today?


nastibass t1_j683qqw wrote

I just learned this today and I'm tired of pretending I didnt


ChatterBrained t1_j6e1q8j wrote

Same, and I’ve known Thirty seconds to mars for awhile now. Like how did I not know this sooner?


thebiggestpinkcake t1_j68tdr4 wrote

I only learned this roughly 2 years ago. Not everyone knows every detail of every band/musician on their playlists especially when they only like one or two of their songs. On my old ipod I used to have like 3,000 songs by different singers/bands of different genres. It would be incredibly exhausting and time consuming to research everything about everyone of them.


Phunny t1_j698oor wrote

I am not meaning offense at all. TIL so much stuff that I know in passing is not commonly known. A great reason for this subreddit.


mjr4189 t1_j65kjvv wrote

You should also learn that he is a bad person.


mlmayo t1_j6704gu wrote

Reading about him he is definitely a huge creeper and weirdo. Seems very narcissistic as well.


seveer37 t1_j6dy0ch wrote

Still makes good movies though! Like Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer.


mjr4189 t1_j6fdzlx wrote

Yeah, separate the artist from the art if you can, that’s a personal prerogative.


Soccham t1_j6jmgjo wrote

Doesn't that just enable shitty people to keep being shitty?


mjr4189 t1_j6jncx7 wrote

Yep, that’s why I said it’s a personal prerogative. Personally I have trouble separating the two things, but not everyone does. I was just responding to an obvious attempt to gaslight, but wasn’t going to get into a debate with someone who supports abusers.


Teckschin t1_j65pgld wrote

Link it up. If this was a about the cult thing, last I heard that was a joke everyone was in on, but I didn't do any of my own reading or thinking.


PreOpTransCentaur t1_j66fgqi wrote

> but I didn't do any of my own reading or thinking

Is it weird that I respect the honesty of this?


Teckschin t1_j66i4oa wrote

Lol I get it. I remember having a moment at work a while ago to read into, but it was some shallow reading and I didn't have time to verify anything. It's also about Jared Leto, so I didn't care at all to revisit it.


double_positive t1_j65w40z wrote

Just my opinion, but that still makes him a bad person if that is true.


FLdancer00 t1_j685oyw wrote

I want a link as well. I've worked for them, not that it means I know every facet about the guy, but I'm skeptical.


bolanrox t1_j65iyz4 wrote

oh shit i feel old


Sidivan t1_j662i5a wrote

Yep. I’m officially an old man.


thewidowgorey t1_j65io42 wrote

That’s the guy who sexually assaults his teenage groupies, yeah? Also keeps getting work in Hollywood when this has been documented for over twenty years?


loaded-diaper-4lunch t1_j65n3ab wrote

I was at a concert years ago, right before he won his Oscar, and a very young girl was pulled up on stage along with myself. We spent time on stage and back stage during the concert. After the show he talked with the few of us and we left, while the young teen stayed. That's when I knew he was gross.


thewidowgorey t1_j65q0kc wrote

I remember reading people’s personal accounts about his creepy shit waaaaay back in the day on Livejournal.


bolanrox t1_j65ju8z wrote

so we shouldn't feel bad he got the shit kicked out of him in Fight Club?


disownedpear t1_j65om9z wrote

Also satisfying watching him get an axe to the face in American Psycho.


kellephant t1_j66f4ii wrote

I truly think the only role Leto has been in that deserves some serious credit is when he played a junkie in Requiem For A Dream. That’s it.


HamsterKarlie OP t1_j65j2hb wrote

I just know him from American Psycho and as the Joker and Morbius. Jared Leto the actor. Jesus Christ today I'm learning more about Jared then I ever cared to know that's awful


bolanrox t1_j65jvu7 wrote

my So Called life anyone?


OsakaJack t1_j67a14e wrote

When he was just a skinny weird kid. I think the best thing he did was start a band with his brother.


And then he decided MORE weird was the way to go. And went all in.


oniiichanUwU t1_j65qig9 wrote

The band is pretty good though. The Kill is one of my all time favourite songs and the music video is based off The Shining. Shame he turned out to be such a creep. He’s a great singer and he is.. certainly an actor 🥴


Repulsive-Positive30 t1_j667ued wrote

No one cares. He’s a fuckin predator with a pattern of going after barely teen-age girls


Philboyd_Studge t1_j65jmwy wrote

He is one of the singers of all time


OsakaJack t1_j679vm3 wrote

Oh for sure. No one is debating that. I'd even go so far as to stay 30STM is one of the bands of all time.


Philboyd_Studge t1_j67azb4 wrote

My favorite song is the one where they say "it's Marsin' time!"


thenikolaka t1_j67dc9l wrote

That one has undoubtedly some of the lyrics of all time.


Desutor t1_j67m94e wrote

He is one of the humans of all time


-Olive-Juice- t1_j662gaw wrote

Next you’re gonna try and tell me Rivers Cuomo is the front man for American Rock Band “Weezer” with hits such as “Say It Ain’t So” and “Island In The Sun”


bolanrox t1_j66hc1v wrote

He owns a craft beer dive bar in fair lawn nj


jsdavin t1_j65o5u0 wrote

How fucking young are you to finally learn this?


CajuNerd t1_j65ktua wrote

...and is a massive douche canoe.


OsakaJack t1_j679lfo wrote

You really should not watch that documentary he did about trying to get out of his record contract. And it's EARLY days of his ego before it spiraled out beyond orbit. Back then he was just a douche canoe.


LemonSneakers t1_j6750fh wrote

Someone just learned this today?


OsakaJack t1_j679cdo wrote

I was a fan of the band and it totally slid past my radar Leto was in Fight Club or in TV during his teen years. I only knew him as one of the guys in the band. And then he was in some movie I happened to see and I was like, this guy is taking this acting thing pretty seriously for a singer. IMDB quickly educated me on his library of work.

Also, I think he has spiraled out into Hollywood stupid* with his ego these days. He needs to quit the acting thing and get back to a real job, aka the band lol

*Hollywood stupid: when the money and fame convinces you that you truly are a magic being sent to deliver art or whatever. Marlon Brando, Michael Jackson, etc.


theworkinglad t1_j69us0i wrote

somebody tell this guy about marky mark and the funky bunch


Thejar1986 t1_j65htzj wrote

He tried to be someone else But nothing seemed to change


ElfMage83 t1_j65jj4c wrote

Well, yes. Did you think he's just an actor?


[deleted] t1_j68jfu9 wrote

Wait till you find out Garth brooks is Chris Gaines.


lightfoot90 t1_j65rkin wrote

He’s had 11 more hits than that! Google “Jared Leto 13” to find out.


tryingtodefendhim t1_j672nhn wrote

Long before 30 Seconds to Mars had any hits on the radio, they opened for Puddle of Mudd. We booed them after 2 or three absolute shit songs in a row. They passed their demo CD out to the crowd and we all passed it right back to them.


pbrady5 t1_j67jpx1 wrote

Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not a 30 seconds to Mars fan at all, but you surely aren't implying that Puddle of Mudd is a superior band, right?


DickweedMcGee t1_j65i66b wrote

Still doesn't excuse Morbius. Shame on you JL....


HamsterKarlie OP t1_j65ijkk wrote

I tried to rewatch the music video for The Kill and I couldn't watch the music I was familiar with being sung by Morbius. It was weird


ittetsu1988 t1_j68khlc wrote

Omg this sentence gave me a stroke.


kevlarbuns t1_j69na41 wrote

He also does some really weird cult shit. He sucks.


BravoEchoEchoRomeo t1_j69vtz8 wrote

No offense but how old are you if you learned this today?


snachgoblin t1_j68lna5 wrote

That's old news he's a cult leader now


metallaholic t1_j690twu wrote

Now do another post about how the singer of the pretty reckless was cindy Lou who


kevlarbuns t1_j69ndx2 wrote

Did you know musician Corey Feldman was also a child actor? Crazy, huh?


mlee117379 t1_j6b4gi4 wrote








PaulSarlo t1_j6drrcb wrote

You forgot to put "Hits" in quotes as well.


sgribbs92 t1_j6gfwqs wrote

Will Ferrell used to be the drummer for the red hot chili peppers before he decided to pursue his career in comedy


Lunndonbridge t1_j65rd49 wrote

He is also a funder of Reddit where he debuted Mornin Time the Musical.


el2741 t1_j66ow6w wrote

It's awful


IncorporateThings t1_j66rn4k wrote

Yep. Every album after "This Is War" has kind of sucked, though. Makes me sad :(


twinn5 t1_j674hv8 wrote

Jared Leto beats up hobbitses! He heard someone at a party say that 30 Seconds to Mars was horrible. Leto wheeled around and grabbed Elijah Wood


LaleR3232 t1_j67boev wrote

In other news, water is wet - stay tuned


try_altf4 t1_j67ofre wrote

30 seconds to Mars? More like 30 seconds to morb.


Wring159 t1_j67pb75 wrote

I'm getting old if this is what you learned today... im only 25...TT


RabbitStewAndStout t1_j67x4jf wrote

TIL The Gorillaz aren't actually gorillas, they're British.


FLdancer00 t1_j685cjn wrote

Is it April 1st already?


Flat-Development-906 t1_j6883vc wrote

He also sucks to work with as an actor apparently. He goes all method and it’s a pain in the ass. (Morbius he refused to not be in a wheelchair so bathroom breaks took forever for example and he would hold up everyone one set.)


Germantwinkboy t1_j68dtrx wrote

And he should stop trying to act and just focus on music IMO


Agent847 t1_j68fabj wrote

Axl Rose, of Dirty Harry Deadpool fame, also fronted a musical side project.


Doctor_Show t1_j68fz4b wrote

Fuck Jared Leto. That weird POS.


TheMatt561 t1_j694t9v wrote

I know you hay but I always forget lol


bigfatfurrytexan t1_j69grct wrote

The Kill is one of the greatest musical performances I have ever heard. Phenomenal metal opera


papaparakeet t1_j6a1ktb wrote

Hello Jared, nice post. No, no one cares about you yet.


Shin_Vegeta t1_j6aechd wrote

Lmfao some of these TIL sometimes need to not be put out there.. for fucks sake what's next? The earth is round? Water is wet🤦🏻‍♂️


Fluid-Phrase8748 t1_j6alyps wrote

Holy shit, I completely forgot that he was in this band. I met them at the pier in Buffalo NY, in the parking lot when they were putting their cards on people's windscreens and me and my friends went out of the venue to get high after their set. The venue was small enough that the music and stage could still be seen from the top of my truck, so we didn't miss anything else really. Pretty sure one of the girls I was with ran up to him and hug jumped him. I am thankful for this post to bring back some good memories.


tiffadoodle t1_j6byz6v wrote

Have you been living under a rock?


Dunkinmydonuts1 t1_j6cwgka wrote

Hey did you know Duane Johnson moonlightsled as a B-tier wrestling star before his movie career took off


thesoftopening t1_j6i0zg0 wrote

Check out their doc Artifact about how they got royally fucked by the label


ticklemesatan t1_j6l7qeq wrote

I wish there was a TIUL subreddit. Because I wish I could unlearn this every single day of my life..

P.S. Fuck Jared Leto.


OkBottle2931 t1_j6ofwks wrote

I had absolutely no idea until I just read your post.