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Slaphappyslamie t1_j48ea92 wrote

Burn nurse here. Fish skin is rarely if ever used in the US. We have a reliable supply of cadaver human skin that is better suited to the job. Xeno (animal skin) or allo (cadaver skin) grafts are used as a temporizing measure to allow newly burned skin to partial heal before autografting (a patients own skin) can be done. In severe cases a small Amount of a patients skin cells can be harvested and reproduced in a lab to make 2-8 cell thick sheets of skin. This process is extremely expensive and resource intensive. Products like tilapia skin would still be expensive (medical grade anything is expensive) but they can be lifesavers in countries without access to cadaver skin


Kingofthe4est t1_j48u6y8 wrote

Thank you for an intelligent and relevant comment. Also for what you do.


fuzzzell t1_j49m910 wrote

Great answer! Thanks for taking the time!


bn1979 t1_j49s0up wrote

I saw a show where they treated a horribly burned dog with fish skin. It was pretty wild.


Slaphappyslamie t1_j4aepfz wrote

Didn’t even think about the applications to veterinary medicine. Very cool indeed!


malary1234 t1_j4bo9z4 wrote

Oh yeah it’s great especially when they have alllll over burns. But I will always reach for Biafine before anything else when it comes to burns


Freak-Wency t1_j4a6owb wrote

  1. Thank you for the relevant information.
  2. I learned that tomatoes are excellent for everyday burns. If you cut a tomato and rub it on the burn for a few seconds, then follow it up with aloe vera, in a few hours, there will be no trace of it. I don't know if this is widely known, or there is some limit of use- only 1st or 1st and 2nd degree burns, but wonder if you do.

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Freak-Wency t1_j4e46ap wrote

I love that your confidence and the downvotes I got are based on assumptions, and that you couldn't just try a quick google search. There are so many results for it. I don't understand reddit sometimes.

Oh well.

Anyway, I have seen this in action. My wife saved her mother from a whole pot of boiling water, which got poured on her instead. She rubbed it with tomato (cut it in half, then rub it for a few secs), then follow w aloe vera.

I also heard my neighbor scream. I went over there to find that she grabbed the bottom of a pan (she was very high). She was freaking out because she's a massage therapist, and was afraid about not working.

We did the same thing, and there was only one small burnt spot- we missed it with the tomato in our haste.

I first heard the method from someone from rural Guatemala.


Icyrow t1_j4aah9y wrote

i just scalded my foot quite badly, as in, maybe hand sized blister on foot. 2nd degree burn.

first thing they did is say that the wound is naturally clean to begin with, adding anything to it is bad.

some hospitals leave the blister, they deroofed mine (basically pierce it with clean scissors and cut all the skin off before adding a mesh and then wrapping it.

i've had to get it rewrapped 3 times now. if you're reading the above comment wondering, please just go get help, not everyone is in a circumstance that they are able to, but burns are no joke, just immediately cool it down with something clean and room temp and then go to the hospital


Slaphappyslamie t1_j4af5tg wrote

Keep it clean, dry, and covered. The wound bed should be kept moist and you can treat it with any antibiotic cream, xeroform (a ‘greasy’ gauze dressing), or silvadene cream. A few weeks of good wound care and staying off the foot, and you should be fine. Watch out for any signs of infection, and remember acetaminophen and ibuprofen are great for pain control if it is safe for you to take those medications.


Simplemoto t1_j47o23v wrote

This is great tech and all... But does it scale?


willzjc t1_j48nip1 wrote

Should be, I don’t think that this idea sounds fishy.


Typical_Balance3892 t1_j48my8w wrote

I sea bassed comments like these and think they're a little fishy, but after I'm finished floundering on the floor like a fucked up Mudguppy, I puffer myself out and get over it


AnthillOmbudsman t1_j490n95 wrote

Well, the place was crowded. We were packed in like sardines. They were all there to listen to the big band sounds of Tommy Dorsal, what sole. Tommy was rockin' the place with a very popular tuna -- "Salmon Chanted Evening". And the stage was surrounded by screaming groupers. Probably there to see the bass player.


tehtris t1_j46subw wrote

Fish skin is also pretty tasty when slightly burnt.


VikKarabin t1_j46ul7z wrote

Can we heal fish with human skin, too? Also, do fishes get burned a lot?


clonetrooper250 t1_j46vjhm wrote

All the time, they live underwater out of fear of being burned.


patman_007 t1_j47j25i wrote

You thought those murky skin colours were camouflage for their surroundings? Nah, ancestoral burn remnants dawg.


andsens t1_j48rjtf wrote

"On second thought, let's not go to the comments. 'Tis a silly place."


SlothOfDoom t1_j477z7d wrote

When you put hot water down your drain it flows to the Amazon and burns a fish. You monster.


Zenmedic t1_j47idpj wrote

We need to stop amazonian fish poaching....

Cool your water before you dump it.


PeiMeisPeePee t1_j48pwep wrote

when i was being taught how to fish (catch and release) i was told to always wet my hands in the water before touching the fish as our hands would take off their slime coating (protective) and slightly "burn" their skin. no idea if this is true


cheesefondue t1_j470myf wrote

This sub is not to post things you learned on this same sub


SlothOfDoom t1_j4789d4 wrote

TIL this sub is not to post things you learned on this same sub.


spaceballsrules t1_j47a7s2 wrote

Do not post this thing you learned in this sub on this same sub.


SlothOfDoom t1_j47b8n2 wrote

AITA for posting the thing I learned on this sub on this sub? AMA.


raduhs t1_j47l3lu wrote

ELI5 posting the thing I learned in this same sub?


unstableB t1_j47nzbr wrote

Well, remember the time your friend told a joke and everyone burst out laughing. Then you tried to repeat the same thing in hope of making them laugh even more, and all you got are cold-eyed looks


molotovzav t1_j472m6p wrote

My grandma had this done and some dumb nurse at her hospital ruined it saying it was "gangrene" and acted on her own. So such a great invention, now hospitals teach all your staff what it is so someone doesn't just act alone and ruin people's progress.


RTYWD t1_j4912ql wrote

its a pretty big problem where nurses think they are doctors and overstep the boundaries of their training


Log-in--Username t1_j47ecvp wrote

It doesn't work! I put the fish skin on the burn and it just flapped around till it ended up back in the tank.


TamedTheSummit t1_j46tlj4 wrote

From this, we can deduct that human skin has got to be tasty as well if slightly burnt.


dpg3456 t1_j46tvbr wrote

You may not be wrong

>The skin of the Tilapia fish is very similar to that of humans, and maybe even better.>


jmh612 t1_j46zbw8 wrote

My friend's dad is the pioneer of this advancement in medicine. Interesting stuff!


Kisame-hoshigakii t1_j477lpj wrote

My uncles boss created fish


Double_Distribution8 t1_j47i35u wrote

As I recall this research was started a while ago at a university near Innsmouth, Massachusetts because the town was right on the seacoast and some researchers figured hell why not try fish skin? This was first tried on the most extreme cases, and the first trials didn't go so well. Nice to see that progress has been made since then.


[deleted] t1_j47ucpv wrote

Read the article. This was developed in the northeast of Brazil.


retorquere t1_j47d3tx wrote

Not for the fish though.


SphericalBitch2020 t1_j48lsty wrote

I recall assisting in a gynaecology operation when we had delivery of amniotic membranes from our neighbouring obstetrics ward. These were used to line our operation patient's vaginal vault cavity as she had vulvovaginal cancer. The treatment was a success, although I had moved in my medical rotation and never found out if she was cured. All we wanted was a lining tissue to cover the raw wound surfaces to allow closure without deep internal suturing. There was thus no concern re allograft rejection. The surgeon, a Mr G Smart, believed that placental tissues were somehow protected from being rejected by the patient's immune cells. Pretty innovative thinking.


wyseguy7 t1_j491xd5 wrote

I’m guessing the healing process is a little more lengthy for the fish though


Fromager t1_j49irl0 wrote

The tilapia skin innthe article isn't approved for use in the US. We do use a fish skin product, but it's North Atlantic cod because warm water fish like tilapia can harbor viruses that are difficult to get rid of in processing.

It works well, but the fish skin we use here doesn't have the scales like the pictures shown in the article.


LifeIsAFair t1_j4ag5qf wrote

Medical grade tilapia skin which makes me picture tilapia wearing the white coats and scrubs


_Liaison_ t1_j46vd3n wrote

Fish skin grafting is amazing


RonFBurgundy t1_j47ly06 wrote

Nice try, but I ain't about to become a 3000 year old worm god, looking at you Leto


pixeljammer t1_j47qlhm wrote

“Just rub a little fish on it, you’ll be fine.”


Givemeurhats t1_j47sq2j wrote

And very large cuts. I have shark skin in my finger


mrnoonan81 t1_j47u0e5 wrote

Isn't tilapia a non-specific term for various types of fish?


easyjimi1974 t1_j48os69 wrote

Good for burn victims, less good for fishies


lanabey t1_j48p7nu wrote

Saw this on greys anatomy. Been doing my residency at Grey Sloan for 19 years now. Well it was Seattle Grace/Mercy West before the tragic plane accident.


rct1 t1_j498a1a wrote

I’d get a walleye sleeve


5spd4wd t1_j49jjtj wrote

On animals too. Saw it used a few years ago on a dog, on an episode of Dr. Pol.


junglebeer t1_j49rk9d wrote

Occasionally, penile injuries are treated with fish sticks to help speed up recovery


Responsible-Ad-6131 t1_j4a4i3t wrote

My mom used to cover our sunburns with FIRST fish oil I think it was.


TheFiredrake42 t1_j4apzqy wrote

Well yeah, obviously! What would you use, chicken skin? That's how you get salmonella....


herbw t1_j4bsqct wrote

Practiced medicine and even in med schools/pvt. hospitals this was NOT seen even once. We prefer standard, antibiotic dressings which can be sterilized with heat and changed whenever needed because those are inexpensive, safe and effective.


DrClo t1_j488z0w wrote

Additionally, human placenta, porcine placenta, and porcine small intestine submucosa too!


NaCHO3657 t1_j48janb wrote

I hope the fish skin is salted egg yolk flavor. Those are the bomb.


Actiongreg1 t1_j48scsl wrote

with the NSFW tag i was hoping to see some fish skin titties.

what about this is NSFW? what is with the overuse of the NSFW tag? you got my downvote!


boyofparadise t1_j493dx5 wrote

For minor burns try applying soy sauce immediately after the burn: I can't explain the science but try it - it works.