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nackavich t1_j61lian wrote

Still THE most realistic movie depicting dogfights and aerial combat.

A lot of other films still use it's footage to this day - there's been a few modern movies (Hurricane and another I can't remember) which also used it's footage.

Not to mention the phenomenal cast!


odiervr t1_j61matn wrote

Dunkirk did a great job too.


nackavich t1_j61om55 wrote

Yeah Dunkirk was excellent, especially the way the Spitfire scenes felt so long and drawn out, yet when viewed from another perspective the action was over in an instant, which is something veteran pilots mentioned.


odiervr t1_j61pfs7 wrote

Also, the way he meticulously tracked his fuel. That is literally how it's done. Time and decisions become a function of fuel qty.


IAmAHat_AMAA t1_j633y1k wrote

The way he shoots down the Stuka was dumb as hell though


Flying_Dustbin t1_j61qfek wrote

I went to see Midway in theaters and it was hilarious how they made the Dauntless perform in some flight scenes. I know dogfighting sometimes happened with them (EX: Stanley “Swede” Vejtasa) but c’mon.

I’d throw Pearl Harbor in there too.


The_Thunder_Child t1_j61avnq wrote

Most of them think dog fighting is flying in almost straight lines while jinking slightly from side to side. There's rarely any turn fighting, booming and zooming, thach weave.........