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Markavian t1_j5w3hdm wrote

Subtractively further: think of all the time and fuel saved by not moving paint around, or having to make the paint in the first place. The war machine can become unnervingly efficient when it needs to.


throwawayforj0b t1_j5wa5wr wrote

This is exactly why American Airlines planes are mostly unpainted.


OneSidedDice t1_j5wo43i wrote

That was the idea. From what I understand, the airline discovered that they spent about the same amount of money keeping the planes polished and shiny as they would have spent on painting them and on the additional fuel that would have required.


NetDork t1_j5wu29o wrote

They had to change now that more and more planes have large composite components.


FeistyAgency9994 t1_j5wcnib wrote

So they can drop more bombs?


CheeseSandwich t1_j5wghhv wrote

Well, luggage these days.


merrittj3 t1_j5w5w10 wrote

Total sense there. Can't believe my default logic.


SigelBandito t1_j5wgyuk wrote

Subtractively further?


Markavian t1_j5xlov6 wrote

I thought I'd try "Subtractively..." as a grammatical play on the context of reduction and weight savings, instead of my usual opening of "Additionally..."