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frntwe t1_j5w4cae wrote

How much does a gallon of paint really weigh after it dries? Not sure the weight savings is that great. I see the time and expense savings.


DFWPunk t1_j5w6ndb wrote

About 4 pounds. Given the amount of paint for a whole plane, and the fact they engineer to reduce ounces, it makes perfect sense.


frntwe t1_j5wk7ur wrote

I remember this debate when I was still active duty and went to a C-5 conference. I wish I remembered the numbers


DFWPunk t1_j5wrkdj wrote

Even a small plane is around 70 gallons. That's 280 pounds dried. It's a substantial weight.


PeachSnappleOhYeah t1_j5wnrd4 wrote

the styrene content (part that dries) in epoxies varies but at most is like usually like 40%. that's for resin epoxies, not epoxy paints. i think there's less drying agent in paints?

either way, if you figure on 10-16lbs for enamels and epoxies wet... i would make an educated guess that 2/3 of the weight remains after its dry. And oddly-- darker colors can be up to 25% heavier than white (extra pigment).

i would guess a warplane has a couple hundred pounds of paint on it, at least.