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lisiate t1_j5wvfrc wrote


BananaLee t1_j5xb6z2 wrote

On the other front, the navy had a barge whose job was just making ice cream for the troops


seakingsoyuz t1_j5yzohx wrote

reads article,

Oh, they had parachutes attached. That’s much less fun.


UnassumingAnt t1_j5zahlc wrote

Americans asserting dominance by just dropping pianos onto German troops could have ended the war even sooner.


schmyle85 t1_j60o1at wrote

Piano gets dropped on a German officer, he crawls out from under it with a big bump on his head and piano keys for teeth


seakingsoyuz t1_j5zgcdj wrote

There’s an RAF and RCAF tradition of burning pianos at social functions, so I was actually willing to believe that it was a destructive air-dropping.


PatmygroinB OP t1_j5yq9oo wrote

Or the ice cream Barges, or the candy and smokes in the field kit


pass_nthru t1_j626b9r wrote

the officers get lucky strikes, the enlisted have to make do with raleigh’s