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patco81 t1_j5xdh7n wrote

Hold on while I grab my slide rule and convert that.


SamGropler t1_j5xdoco wrote

Well, if you're working on a pint of water weighing a pound, a pint of paint weighs 1.3 pounds. This isn't exactly rocket surgery.


be4u4get t1_j5xlf65 wrote

How are we supposed to paint a plane with water. Your’e not pulling a fast one on me


TheUmgawa t1_j5xm90c wrote

Ain’t you ever heard of watercolors? I got my Prang set around here somewhere, I’ll show ya.


be4u4get t1_j5xmck2 wrote

Shoot, y’all convinced me. I’ll take 200 gallons of water to paint my plane


patco81 t1_j5xehon wrote

I'm not gonna let that seven years i spent in high school go to waste.


notquiteaffable t1_j5ze4tb wrote

Yes it’s not rocket surgery but I’m still curious. And curiosity killed the cat and ate it too.


patco81 t1_j60mqxk wrote

But if I work on a pint of beer BEFORE I paint the plane, how much will it weigh then?


Adam-West t1_j5y8gsh wrote

Would it have been lead paint in WW2? Im no paintologist but I’d assume that that’s even heavier?