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MikemkPK t1_j61v5o2 wrote

When buying real estate. Houses are measured in square feet, the land they're on in acres.


Spicy_Cum_Lord t1_j627hbw wrote

So you buy real estate without doing any cursory research?


HeippodeiPeippo t1_j634rsw wrote

Asks for an example and then does... this.

A lot of things are measured in inches but need to be converted to yards and miles. For ex, how many bolts you need for a span. The idea that you don't need to ever convert is just stupid and shows that the person has never had to work measuring anything.


MikemkPK t1_j627sry wrote

No, I'm giving a situation where converting in your head is useful. Say you see an ad for a 4000 sq ft house on 0.1 acre, being able to convert lets you know it's not worth the time to look at.


PreciousRoi t1_j628dbf wrote

If you are a housebuyer and you cannot visualize what an acre looks like without doing math in your head...


KA_Mechatronik t1_j62zdd4 wrote

I can't visualize what an acre looks like because I don't know how much land a yoke of oxen pulling a wooden plough can plough in a single day.


PreciousRoi t1_j62zjm3 wrote

I mean, you can look at a few acre or half acre lots, which I'd assume a prospective homebuyer would, and have a pretty good idea of how big of a house you'd want to plop down on it.


gravi-tea t1_j643dnx wrote

I agree it becomes pretty easy to visualize once you have an idea of what a half acre or acre looks like.

But when you want to actually do the math, for example figuring out how long the driveway will be if putting a 50x50 shed on a half acre plot. It's not as simple as it could be.

I recently relearned stuff like how wide a forty acre square plot of land is (1/4 mile). I have an 80 acre property that is 1/2 mile x 1/4 mile. Interesting to know.


Spicy_Cum_Lord t1_j628cl8 wrote

That's only 300 sq feet of yard to mow. Which is likely a small apartment building in the middle of a city. Something you'd know by you know, looking at it.

I specifically said off hand. Knowledge you need when you don't have a globally connected super computer in your pocket.


gravi-tea t1_j61uyrv wrote

Not too often. But recently was wondering how many miles across my 80 acres of land is.