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AbandonedSamurai t1_j5qq2to wrote

Portuguese introduced mangos, pineapples, cashew nuts, chillies, tomatoes and potatoes in India.

An interesting read:


absolutelyshafted t1_j5qqict wrote

They didn’t introduce mangos to india according to Wikipedia and your own article. Mangos are native to South Asia and the word itself comes from a South Indian origin


SigherPunk t1_j5s4025 wrote

Man you could be beaten up for saying that in India. Like saying pizza was introduced to Italy by Americans.

Mangoes are to India what potatoes are to Peru. So I guess you mean guavas probably?


CharredCharizard t1_j5vbvan wrote

Pizza was not pizza until the Spaniards brought the tomato. Much of the world's cuisine nowadays was defined by the Portuguese and Spanish discoveries.


SigherPunk t1_j5wy4hc wrote

>Portuguese and Spanish discoveries

Oh no. You mean inventions made by pre-Columbian civilizations in America.


CharredCharizard t1_j5xuw5w wrote

That's really ignorant. Yes the tomato was already there but both countries are responsible for introducing unknown foods all over the planet thus defining world food now a days.
Plus discoveries is the right word literary and literally, if you know nothing about the South hemisphere and nothing about half the Northern even though there are people there you don't know about and you venture into the unknown you are discovering.


soup2nuts t1_j5yd2er wrote

That only makes sense from a Eurocentric viewpoint. Europeans were equally as unknown to the Americans. Sure, Spaniards and Portuguese introduced these foods to the world but the Americans discovered and then developed these crops. Describing it as anything other than that is ignorant.


soup2nuts t1_j5ycdbv wrote

Not discoveries. Trade and exchange. Native American civilizations discovered and then developed them into their edible modern staples.


savage-dragon t1_j5su45e wrote

Nope mangos were taken from south Asia and introduced to south America more like.


Ngothadei t1_j5tae39 wrote

What nonsense!! Mangoes are native to Indian subcontinent.