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FaustusRedux t1_j5tczoa wrote

Is that what we're calling sex now? A joyride to Baltimore?


pataconconqueso t1_j5ttv4k wrote

I can see that being the title of the next lesbian old timey artsey movie.

Joyride to Baltimore: starring Cate Blanchett and Gillian Anderson


A0ma t1_j5u9phc wrote

But they already have a vintage ad for "Amelia and Eleanor go for a Ride"


arcosapphire t1_j5uw9lk wrote

> ...the two women delighted in their adventure — a celebration of independence and friendship.

> This large-format lavishly produced picture book captures the courage and pioneering spirit of two friends who defied convention in the name of fulfillment, conviction, and fun.

Yes. Friends. r/sapphoandherfriend


chronoboy1985 t1_j5xjk1j wrote

The title?

Faster then the Speed of Love by Brian Griffin.


wabj17 t1_j5tey6q wrote

As euphemisms go, it's a bit too obvious. Who would believe that anyone went to Baltimore on a whim?


Riccars t1_j5tnxlp wrote

To their credit they may not have landed in Baltimore, just flew over.


Ordinary-Flamingo416 t1_j5uhotd wrote

I like the Baltimore airport I’ll say that. And the oldest operating bar in the US is there.


Kraetzi t1_j5xtw1p wrote

Old timey swing Joyride to Baltimore I cried for more Joyride to Baltimore My lower body's sore Joyride too Baltimooooooore! I never had this feeling befoooooore Flappers, Jazzhands, Featherboas, Cut


falconuruguay t1_j5spsqn wrote

Ah yes..."Joyride"....

Eleanor was WELL known to be bisexual, and kept a mistress (known to everyone as her "personal secretary") at Hyde Park near the end of the war, in a separate guest house on the premises, just like FDR was doing with his secretary, at another guest house there too.

She also had affairs with several men too.


ContinuumGuy t1_j5ukczb wrote

IIRC, the Roosevelts, while they did (at least at one point) genuinely love each other in a way, more saw their marriage as a political partnership and didn't really care who they were having sex with so long as it was kept private from the press.


KingRhoamsGhost t1_j5swq92 wrote

Humans are so strange


EndofGods t1_j5ts6y7 wrote

Agreed. Once in psychology, though, it gets simple and still messy somehow. Humans are strange and gross, but understand we have little to compare us to.


notquiteright2 t1_j5uzsu9 wrote

If you look at the behavior of every other primate species, monosexual monogamy is pretty strange indeed.


GypsyV3nom t1_j5v6f0v wrote

Interestingly, the only group of animals where monogamy is widespread and common are birds.


fortune_cell t1_j5vpdkx wrote

Most birds that are socially monogamous are not also sexually monogamous.


fulthrottlejazzhands t1_j5uc2gn wrote

My uncle Gary once commandeered a blowup raft with his traveling companion and confidant Gabriel (also know as "Sarge") off Fire Island. A joyride it almost certainly was.


[deleted] t1_j5slcg1 wrote



BazilBroketail t1_j5t0heb wrote

Bunch of people stood around as they, "commandeered" a plane and said shit like, "Great, Scott!", "Bally-ho!" and shit like that?


ravinglunatic t1_j5smc9b wrote

Eleanor Roosevelt was a lesbian in spite of being married to Franklin. She wrote a letter to Gypsy Rose Lee that said “May your ass always be shining.”

Amelia Earhart seems kind of gay.

I’ll bet they at least kissed.


Kellar21 t1_j5syzg4 wrote

Another case of bi-erasure I see, classic.

She was bi, she slept around with men too.


BisonBravey t1_j5tfkeu wrote

I think either label retroactively applied is problematic. She is not here to tell us how she identified. There would have been more than one reason she might have elected to sleep with men but still identified as a lesbian. She might have been bi. She might have felt she was straight, but had some distractions. We can't know without being able to explain how we use these terms contemporarily and hear her thoughts.

But she certainly seemed to have attractions and relationships that were at the very least queer.


pataconconqueso t1_j5tu0cz wrote

Yup this is why I say she was probably queer or at least sapphic


ravinglunatic t1_j5u0tii wrote

Bi-erasure? Jesus. She was married to a man that she was ok that he had mistresses. FDR died with his mistress. She had sex with FDR, complained that he wanted it more than her but that doesn’t necessarily mean she was bisexual so much as a wife in first half of the 20th century.

I’m not a historian. I don’t know her pronouns, specific preferences, etc. but whatever offense you took to this is absurd because it was unintentional and doesn’t really matter anyway.

They’re just words. She seemed to like girls. Give it a rest. I’m not your enemy.


angleonyourshoulder t1_j5uxlqg wrote

Username checks out


ravinglunatic t1_j5wt0k8 wrote

You’re definitely confused about your gender. It’s probably due to a lack of word comprehension. I don’t expect you to understand this reply because you clearly can’t read.


angleonyourshoulder t1_j5wwiei wrote

Baby how am I confused about my gender, where did that come from? All I was saying is that you’re ranting and no one cares okay babe? Have a good night.


anser_one t1_j5t6qml wrote

Sapphos and her friend


Zonerdrone t1_j5tywz9 wrote

FDR was banging his secretary so who cares if she was joining the mile high club?


ThePhoenixBird2022 t1_j5unh7x wrote

If you can afford a plane, can get away with pretty much anything because hubby is President, and know someone who can fly, why the fuck not just take off in that direction, but maybe turn left - or right, because you can.

Hell, check out the quality of the seatbelts and do a loop while you're at it.


PrecariouslySane t1_j5spvbr wrote



Pay08 t1_j5t9zhd wrote

Hmm, yes, wasting taxpayer money on joyrides, what a "badass" thing to do...


SnooWalruses3945 t1_j5tlbsl wrote

It wasn’t a government plane so not sure what taxpayer money was wasted.


Pay08 t1_j5trwuw wrote

You think she paid for the fuel? Ans even if she did, she got taxpayer money for her job, which included attending official functions.


SnooWalruses3945 t1_j5u3x4y wrote

You think the First Lady was drawing a salary in 1933? It was a commercial aircraft. I’m sure they loved the publicity of two of the most famous women in the US flying in one of those planes. However, you think that they asked the ladies to pay for the fuel, and Eleanor said, “just bill it to the government”? Keep doubling down on your statement though. Makes you look cool.


KruxAF t1_j5tsw7q wrote

So how do you feel about trumps taxpayer wastes?


Pay08 t1_j5tv3jf wrote

Is this supposed of gotcha to "expose" me?


KruxAF t1_j5tvecu wrote

Elaborate on taxpayer wasting. Imagine if you knew about the waste on federal bases.


Pay08 t1_j5u2zc6 wrote

So because it happens elsewhere too it means this one isn't a problem? That's a pretty steep slope there, hope you don't slip on it.


KruxAF t1_j5vnc1i wrote

This one most certainly isn’t. You have zero proof of any taxpayer funds being used.


MeFolly t1_j5sqr0l wrote

I knew they were my kind of role model


RageOfDurga t1_j5wyyvw wrote

Amelia’s plane wasn’t the only thing going down, I see.


HPmoni t1_j5uuhgr wrote

Eleanor was infamously unattractive, so it's weird to see Gillian Anderson play her.


Our_Miss_Peach t1_j5ta1p6 wrote

Amelia was real cute, and looked like Mia Farrow

Yeah Eleanor got around, but she was just ok


Solivagant23 t1_j5sqs3o wrote

Legend has it that they scissored the whole way.