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GiantIrish_Elk t1_j4sl1dq wrote

TBS and now TNT airing it 24hrs has made it a staple of Christmas it wasn't that overlooked as it made almost $21 million at the box office and was huge on video and being televised at Christmas time.


zodar t1_j4stdyc wrote

Yeah I had seen it dozens of times even before they started airing it on Christmas Eve.


habalushy OP t1_j4t4e2u wrote

Yeah those are Turner’s networks


BuzzyBubble t1_j4uyxvy wrote

No, those are called VHS rentals. Something we did in the 80’s. Also we copied VHS tapes sometimes too.


sapienBob t1_j4skbpb wrote

now it's a Christmastime staple. and the sequel was way better than I was expecting. usually when it's something comes out that long after the original it's trash. I was pleasantly surprised.


NigelWorthington t1_j4szs3v wrote

Which sequel? Ollie Hopnoodle’s haven of bliss, My summer story, A Christmas story 2, or a Christmas story Christmas?


jason_abacabb t1_j4surqw wrote

I did not know there was a sequel.


stench_montana t1_j4t6he5 wrote

There were a couple attempts at sequels. The best was the one from this year with a lot of the original actors - A Christmas Story Christmas. Wasn't a perfect movie, but as others have pointed out was much better than to be expected. Thought the 2nd half was particularly good.


CletusDSpuckler t1_j4svsbm wrote

Well, it's clear from these posts that opinions vary on its quality.


bolanrox t1_j4szggg wrote

There was a summer story. That only had Mrs shields from the og movie. Now there is one on HBO max set 40+ years later


metsurf t1_j4vammf wrote

Was the summer story based around Ludlow Kissel and the Dago Bomb that Struck Back?


bolanrox t1_j4vd0vs wrote

i never watched it. I know than Daniel Stern was the old man? and ralphie had a crush on one of the Bumpis daughters? or something like that?

I think it was another story that they tried to shoehorn into A Christmas Story Sequel.


metsurf t1_j4vkf3v wrote

Sounds like something out of Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories Collection. They made a PBS film out of the title story and called it Phantom of The Open Hearth Furnace.
Jean Shepard wrote in parenthetical statements often where a character speaks and then their thoughts are expressed. One of my favorite of his lines is relative to a post-prom gathering at a local watering hole. I ordered a bourbon I said "Make it a triple" I had heard the old man order this I thought it was a brand name.


ThePhiff t1_j4t4sbw wrote

The sequel had no right to be as good as it was. I was honestly kinda blown away.


sapienBob t1_j4t522m wrote

I think it was the fact they were able to keep 90% of the original cast. that really sold it for me seeing those kids all grown up. it's a shame they couldn't get the mom to come back though


ThePhiff t1_j4t57iv wrote

Farkus looked EXACTLY the same. 🤣🤣🤣


sapienBob t1_j4t5o1w wrote

thank God he lost the Davy Crockett hat though XD


LassitudinalPosition t1_j4tfl9x wrote

Yea the sequel really surprised me

It wasn't amazing but my expectations were...realistic based on my experience


Halvus_I t1_j4vruck wrote

When Scut Farkus showed up, i couldnt believe it.


weaselmaster t1_j4tfg36 wrote

I dunno.

I saw “A Christmas Story” once a couple of years ago, and thought it was a solid 4 out of 10.

Do we really need ‘Christmas’ movies in the first place? Shouldn’t they stand on their own?


Merv71 t1_j4sqvl1 wrote

No. Wikipedia is not a reliable source.

Instead, ask anyone around at the time and you'll hear how the movie did pretty well in theaters (ran for months at my local theaters) and was a video rental staple/classic before Ted went on his coke-fueled buying spree in 80's


IMTrick t1_j4sto4p wrote

You kind of beat me to it. I went to the theater to see this when it came out, as did a whole lot of other people I knew. $19.3M wasn't the same thing in 1983 as it is now, and while it wasn't a huge blockbuster or anything, I'd hardly say it was "overlooked." A lot of movies you've probably seen from 1983 didn't do that well.


DavoTB t1_j4t8u9u wrote

A great comment. If you were around back then, you remember the film before the endless reruns. Very few would call it “overlooked “ at the time.


greenpotatoes9 t1_j4svffg wrote

Yep. Many, many people were aware of it and watched it every Christmas long before Ted Turner bought it.


factman1000 t1_j4sumlt wrote

Yeah, it became a classic the day that I saw it in the theater.


Syllogism19 t1_j4surbe wrote

Me and some of my friends were Jean Shepherd fans from repackaged reruns of some of his radio stories which played on KERA public radio in Dallas. I saw the movie right when it came out and was very disappointed that it wasn't a big hit. I wanted everybody to love his work as much as I did.

One of the first things I searched when I got the internet was for Jean Shepherd. But before that I bought all his books and somewhere found some cassettes which were mostly of him reading his books and articles.

Today you can hear tons of his radio shows free.

He was a remarkable performer.


bolanrox t1_j4sz68w wrote

Get Charles mingus' the clown. Jean does a spoken word piece on the title track


Scouse312 t1_j4v0urn wrote

He had a cameo in the original; “Back of the line kid” as they went to see Santa in the store ( the College St. Eatons store in Toronto!)…


metsurf t1_j4vbydo wrote

I was a kid in the mid to late 60s my father turned me on to Jean Shepard on WOR 710 AM. Every night Mon-Fri at 10:15. 45 minutes of him talking and storytelling about life in the depression, a stint in the army, kazoo playing, and just general politics. It was just him talking into the mike. The guy was a brilliant storyteller, Garrison Keeler certainly was influenced by him. I would sit with my little AM radio up on my pillow in my room. Mom wasn't happy that I was still awake and dad would say leave him alone its educational.


Draano t1_j4vr9rk wrote

I had forgotten how late it was on. A few years later, I read Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories (and other disasters). Jean was a master storyteller. It was so great that he narrated A Christmas Story. Nobody could have told his stories the way he did.


kick4h4 t1_j4vm7er wrote

I was a real-time Jean Shepherd fan growing up, listened to him every night for years. I went to his live concert at Princeton University 4 or 5 times.

Little known fact: In Disney World, the narrator on the Carousel of Progress is Shep. I ride every time I visit, and tear up a bit from nostalgia.


VividLifeToday t1_j4snj2v wrote

Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss is still overlooked


shed1 t1_j4sq4w0 wrote

This should be the top comment.


royaltrux t1_j4ssa7m wrote

Would that I had one Brass Figlagee with oak leaves cluster to award you.


speedball811 t1_j4st6qy wrote

24 hours of A Christmas Story in TNT was what I looked forward to the most.


roughbuff t1_j4sqzn9 wrote

This is my favorite Christmas movie, but I think I prefer "A Summer Story".


danikween t1_j4sz0st wrote

When this movie was at the theaters, it was reviewed by Siskel and Ebert. They loved it. I remember them saying it was going to be a Christmas classic.


dewpacs t1_j4skq6u wrote

Growing up in Idaho my brother and I were huge Braves fans b/c every game was broadcast on TBS


bolanrox t1_j4ss2qu wrote

I watched it in catholic school of all things the first year it was on VHS.

We also watched the worst witch every Halloween come to think of it


GotMoFans t1_j4us0af wrote

Christmas Story was already a classic and that’s why TBS/TNT began airing it for 24 hours on Christmas Day.

It wasn’t a big hit when it came out in 83, but it became a cult classic in the 80s when it was syndicated for television. I remember first watching it on my local independent channel in the late 80s. Turner took ownership when MGM was bought around 1986. It wasn’t until 1996 or 1997 when the movie was aired all day on Christmas Day.


FeistyAgency9994 t1_j4t5v6q wrote

If you get to Cleveland, go to The Christmas story house for a tour. 15 bucks. Well worth it. Lots of behind the scenes and information you're not going to get elsewhere.

Maybe 5 minutes from downtown


Ok-Adhesiveness1000 t1_j4tebpz wrote

Exaggeration. It was plenty popular on pay cable (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax) before it ever showed up on Turner channels.


wedgebert t1_j4tkcom wrote

I think it was overlooked because it was only an okay movie.


PermanentTrainDamage t1_j4u0ez9 wrote

I agree. It's an alright movie the first time, not nearly interesting enough for a yearly viewing.


RikersTrombone t1_j4y6f7a wrote

>not nearly interesting enough for a yearly viewing.

The same could be said about you.


spaghoni t1_j4utcxb wrote

It was an instant classic for me in 1983 as soon as I saw the trailer. I got a VHS copy for Xmas as soon as it was released sometime in the late 80s or early 90s.


gdtimmy t1_j4tvtco wrote

Our family watched every year before that happened and we were sooooooo happy the rest of the world appreciated the movie. My favorite part Is Ralphie spitting tobacco after plugging some crooks.


taterspa1960 t1_j4v269y wrote

I remember seeing the movie when it first came out. The theater was packed. Great time.


wzl46 t1_j4sw7ru wrote

I have probably seen every second of this movie a couple hundred times over the years. I have not seen the movie from start to end. It's always on TV for its 24 hours in my house, but I'm always doing something other than sitting to watch it for 2 hours straight.

4 or 5 years ago, my wife and I were sitting on the couch watching it and she let me know that I had been sitting there since the movie started, and there was only about 5 minutes left. I got up, went into another room, and came back when it started again.


namvet67 t1_j4tm6f1 wrote

Took a tour of the house about 10-12 year ago maybe 25 others in the tour. The guide asked if anyone saw it in a theater when it came out, my wife and l were the only ones to raise our hands. It blew my mind l always thought it was a huge hit.


HAMforPastry t1_j4ut783 wrote

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Denadiss t1_j4uuchu wrote

Didn't something similar happen with Its A Wonderful Life?


TravoBasic t1_j4v5sjv wrote

I actually saw this in the theaters. What a fun surprise.


Draano t1_j4vqcda wrote

Old geezer checking in. Jean Shepard had a radio show on WOR-710 AM radio when I was a kid. My parents used to listen while going to sleep. I picked it up when I was probably 7 or 8 when I found out that a good friend also was listening at night - he was always going on about the ornithopter that Jean Shepard was hawking on his show. But the way he would spin a yarn, talking about Flick & Wanda and a whole cast of characters that he grew up with was really vivid and funny and heart-warming.


forgedinbeerkegs t1_j4vumue wrote

I wasn't familiar with this movie when it came out. Fast forward 25 years, I get married, and my wife's family watched it religiously. That's how I got to know it.


HPmoni t1_j4wh3ga wrote

Too late for this.


QuarterCultured t1_j4xvv56 wrote

It's a great movie. I loved the "Wonder Years" style "older narrator reminiscing about their childhood" style of the narration.


DaFugYouSay t1_j4yr9u8 wrote

I don't like it, have seen it only once in its entirety.


thosmanus t1_j4sty1h wrote

It should have stayed overlooked. Terrible movie.


bigmanfolly t1_j4t3ang wrote

Oh, i think racist chinese jokes are a great way to end a film. /s


Maccus_D t1_j4szmbw wrote

I saw it theatres. The “mean Santa” caused a negative campaign against it if memory serves me right


mind_the_umlaut t1_j4u1le3 wrote

And I'm perfectly content to keep on overlooking it.


Sugarysam t1_j4smhol wrote

I sorta feel like this movie was crammed down my throat. I know I didn’t care about it until I had family demanding to watch the marathons.


Traditional_Entry183 t1_j4sv2m3 wrote

My parents started watching it on VHS in the mid 80s. I hated it as a kid then, and I hate umit now. I've never understood the obsession.


molotovzav t1_j4snmyq wrote

I'm like one of the few people I know who doesn't give a shit about this movie. I've seen it multiple times over the decades I've been alive and I just don't care. Cue Xmas time and everyone talks about it so fondly and I just don't feel the same way at all lol.


Doobage t1_j4stygc wrote

I will watch it, but is is like Christmas Vacation, a watch every year or two but not exciting. Not the great movies people say they are.


dcsmith707 t1_j4sr3x7 wrote

Its still a horrible movie.