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entjies t1_j6maxva wrote

You can buy it from government shops in some states. Not certain about charas exactly but definitely weed. If I remember right they make lassi out of it


neverfarts t1_j6mga26 wrote

Yes it's called bhang Lassi or special Lassi. God I love India, not only because of the charas, just an amazing place.


phenolic72 t1_j6nh2n7 wrote

Is this a northern thing? I've never seen it in the South.


neverfarts t1_j6nkddx wrote

Idk, I've had it from north to Central, there in Varanasi special Lassi shops


phenolic72 t1_j6o2w44 wrote

Damn. Was just in Varanasi. :) Probably would have skipped it though on that particular trip.


mrarmyant t1_j6njh0k wrote

Nothing like food poisoning and the organized chaos of traffic. /s


pinthetestonthe t1_j6nletv wrote

The funniest part is that without context you could be talking about almost any country. USA would be pretty high on the list of guesses.


mrarmyant t1_j6nmo2s wrote


pinthetestonthe t1_j6no9cd wrote

When comparing population America has more cases of food poisoning per capita.

Something about stones and glass houses.


zombie522 t1_j6nqvlo wrote

It might just be how cases are tracked. Unreported cases still happen, but don't count toward statistics.


mrarmyant t1_j6o0vbo wrote

Not when comparing number of Americans getting food poisoning in America compared to the percentage of Americans that get it while in India. You think Dehli Belly for a reason. but you might just be someone who doesn't venture out of Goa or the Himalayas. Mumbai and Bangalore over 10 trips treated me far worse than 30 to Mexico.


wurstcases t1_j6mlc1n wrote

Cept for the feces in the streets


theninefan t1_j6n345a wrote

Bro I saw more feces on the streets of SF than I did in India


Sentsuizan t1_j6ng7ai wrote

Walk around Washington DC you'll see plenty of sentient feces in the street


Deafwindow t1_j6mpfgm wrote

British colonization will do that to ya


Shooter2970 t1_j6mqmnr wrote

Damn. Wonder why the British are not shitting in the streets? Maybe it has something to do with India ya think?


Deafwindow t1_j6mqxct wrote

No, it's got to do with extreme fucking poverty due to the British occupation


Shooter2970 t1_j6mr9js wrote

Oh I thought they left India years ago. Not to mention they have had a population problem for years. But hey you want to rag on the Brits. Go a head get it out.


FunkIPA t1_j6ms4n0 wrote

Hey you want to defend colonizers, go for it.

Imagine thinking colonizers leaving “years ago” erases everything they did.


Shooter2970 t1_j6mszuf wrote

Population would be the #1 factor for India being the way it is. Oh and it has been 70+ years since the Brits left. So I should have said "decades ago." 70 years of running themselves. They can take credit for their country.


-6-6-6- t1_j6mv6d8 wrote

People don't shit in the streets on China. Obviously population has nothing to do with it. You've never been to India; and only circlejerk or perpetuate racist memes on the internet about the country. Nor have you apparently been to certain cities in America; both the deep south and those big "liberul" cities that the news is always droning on about, because the same shit happens there. The only difference is scale; and you're right in the sense that the scale of population and levels of poverty are far different. Reason being?

Colonization. Let's take a look at the dissolvement of the Ottoman Empire after WW1 and how the borders were drawn between the French and the British with a complete and utter disregard for the ethnic make-up and historical constituency of the Levant and Middle-East. Because of their mistakes; the middle-east exists and will probably exist in constant turmoil. India is similar; in the sense that the population was kept under such a level of poverty that 70 years alone isn't anywhere near enough to cover it. Ontop of that; a rapid growing population. Population isn't the reason people shit in the streets though.

Funny enough; the only two countries who have had that much development in 50 years is China and the USSR. Weird how that works right? Look at them now, sadly.


SolidSquid t1_j6mv47p wrote

We left years ago, but we took pretty much everything with us when we did


Mister_Brevity t1_j6n7szf wrote


Why did the British work so hard to collect spices and not use any of them in their food.


Deafwindow t1_j6mrtk8 wrote

I apologize for offending you. I have no ill will towards British people, just the old East India Company.


FunkIPA t1_j6mthmz wrote

You’d think a colonial snowflake would have melted by now.


LovelyBeats t1_j6msmdz wrote

The sheer amount of wealth they extracted from india is insane, it's why they built the railroads, to get it out if the country.

The British Raj and their impact on Indian society is a very fascinating topic


Shooter2970 t1_j6mtgw3 wrote

I wonder how much wealth was taken out of America when it was colonized. I need to research both countries about this.


-6-6-6- t1_j6muo3n wrote

Not nearly the same, actually. Making the comparison means you're looking for baseless justifications for your bigotry. While you're at it, you should ask the Irish how much they took from them.


Shooter2970 t1_j6mz9u4 wrote

Just comparing two countries that were both colonized by Brits. One did better than the other. So I have questions. Population is a factor.


rash-head t1_j6n32f4 wrote

India was the richest country in the world before colonization. You don’t have to wonder what happened. There’s plenty of research on how British Raj ruled India to enrich the homeland.


UltimateGamingTechie OP t1_j6mdgu0 wrote

They do, it's called Bhang


Adbam t1_j6n96bm wrote

If you buy it in large quantities, do you get more Bhang for your buck?


Train-Robbery t1_j6off5f wrote

You should not buy bhang in large quantities, it's not nearly a good thing to do more than once a month.

Only for Holi when we play with water and colors it feels great, other days it is not good. If you are just sitting around doing nothing then it is of no use


oscar_w t1_j6p6y9p wrote

But sitting around doing nothing is my favourite thing to do, when I'm not working to buy food etc.


ipostsmaller t1_j6pitdh wrote

Bhang high is a little different from regular weed high, lots of people have saed that. Maybe that's why?


Train-Robbery t1_j6oexaw wrote

No that is not true, Government Shops don't sell weed.

People working at Government Shops might sell it, but that's their personal operation. Not the government