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CarelessHisser t1_j5nqe0l wrote

Man nature itself is just a perpetual arms race ain't it?


Mathu21147 t1_j5pirxb wrote

Is this from Last of us


Salarian_American t1_j5pnnru wrote

No, the cordyceps fungus that takes over insects is from real life.

The mutated version that can survive in humans is from Last of Us


Khontis t1_j5qcpe2 wrote

The fungus in Last of Us was inspired by it yes. Its not the exact same thing but there was the idea from it.


JARF01 t1_j5qn1av wrote

You have to run as fast as you can just to stay in one spot. You have to run twice as fast if you wanna get anywhere.


monkeypox_69 t1_j5nm3y1 wrote

Just wait until we weaponize it. evil laugh


Lorpedodontist t1_j5nk22e wrote

Stop spoiling The Last of Us.


TaoRS t1_j5o34jd wrote

Dude.. I hope this is a joke. If it's not, you're the one spoiling it...


Bergamus432 t1_j5ora8q wrote

So there is a cure...


AdmirableBus6 t1_j5pu6pm wrote

Obviously UV lights. Just swap the light bulbs in the flash lights with grow bulbs and you’ll never need another shiv


Paracelsus19 t1_j5nnurn wrote

Mycoparasitism is fascinating. When I collect mushrooms, I love putting a few aside just to watch them decompose and sustain the weird little fungal parasites that feed on them. They're such a melting pot of biochemical compounds.


OneBeardedTexan t1_j5oiazb wrote

Lick it and report back


Nazamroth t1_j5olp8o wrote

Attention, citizen: Do not lick the science!


Paracelsus19 t1_j5qkxfe wrote

I have learned my lesson, I will leave the licking to the geologists and archeologists. 💀


kinyutaka t1_j5nivbt wrote

Wait until you hear about the anti anti zombie-fungus fungus ant, which is a type of ant that eats the anti-zombie-fungus fungus to keep other ants as zombie ants.


FormABruteSquad t1_j5nwz5v wrote

See, when a motherfucker tries to bust yo' trace with a Tracebuster, this motherfuckin' Tracebuster is gonna bust the Tracebuster that's busting yo' trace.


InappropriateTA t1_j5ot2gy wrote

Came here to post this and I’m glad to see it’s a reply to the top comment.

Mark Wahlberg, Lou Diamond Phillips, Avery Brooks, Christina Applegate, Elliot Gould, Bokeem Woodbine, Antonio Sabàto Jr., and China Chow.

EDIT: Well, it was the top comment when I started composing my reply. I had it as a draft for a while…


BrokenEye3 t1_j5nnlx0 wrote

The zombie ant fungus is a major recurring motif in a very strange film I saw recently called The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes. Not a zombie film. Not even a horror film, though it certainly is eerie.


Neptune-neptune t1_j5omsuu wrote

For some reason, I went down a rabbit hole last year and learned all about cicadas. They have a similar fungus that infects them, and they are kept in check as well. There is also a new species of bacteria called Ideonella sakaiensis, which eats plastic. My point is that the earth, or nature, has a way of balancing things out. I don’t think people realize this.


[deleted] t1_j5ozqcp wrote

There are also bacteria that eat radioactive waste. Nature is way ahead of us.


Nadaesque t1_j5qcidk wrote

There's fungi who like to live near it, but nothing digests and destroys radioactive waste. To do so would either involve alchemy or colliders. A radioactive atom stays an unstable isotope until it absorbs or emits something.

That's what people don't really get about radioactive contamination of soils and such. Burn it in a furnace? Radioactive smoke.


coffeeinvenice t1_j5ocxxl wrote

So then presumably the fungus that eats and destroys the anti zombie fungus fungus would be the "anti-anti-zombie-fungus-fungus fungus"?


phoman t1_j5oqo4o wrote

Should specify what sort of zombie so maybe: "Anti-anti-ant-zombie-fungus-fungus-fungus".


FPSCanarussia t1_j5pgspj wrote

It's parasites all the way down tbh. Did you know that even viruses have them? There are certain viruses that only take over cells that have been infected by other viruses.


rmp881 t1_j5rn1ws wrote

So this is what Ellie has...


TatonkaJack t1_j5pl1ja wrote

that sounds so made up i love it


PrintZealousideal279 t1_j63g3yf wrote

This keeps reminding me of our plague of multiple fatality shooters….”a way of balancing things.”