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MaliciousHippie t1_j67r1p7 wrote

I imagine life is pretty brutal in the Sentinelese islands.

For starters your entire existence is dictated by tribal law

Second, you have nowhere else to go

Third, no modern medical equipment, the flu will end their lives

Lastly there is limited agriculture

On on hand you are free from the burden of choice, but on the other you aren't given many choices at all.

I'm sure some have found peace, while others suffer silently


Swedishboy360 t1_j684zub wrote

The problem is that North Sentinel island isn't in the middle of nowhere. There are other islands in the area where the native were brought "civilization". The result was poverty and misery. The sad truth is that they're probably better off being left alone


MaliciousHippie t1_j698zi3 wrote

While it's easy to romanticize the avoidance of Civilization while we're in it, I don't really think life is "better" for them.

I think it makes "us" feel better, because we can say we kept someone away from it all, but in reality it we're just gatekeeping.

The country of Iceland (372k people) has an app because accidental incest was such a thing, now how do you think the Sentinelese (<200people ) are doing? You need around 500 or so to be able to avoid "genetic drift"

All that being said, I do think we should leave them alone

But on the other, if it turned out the island had used their young women to breed like cattle as soon as they're fertile, would we still leave them to their isolated ways?


Indica_Joe t1_j699y8m wrote

The question I've always asked is would you rather the middle class today or a king A Thousand Years ago? 95% of people say they would rather be middle class today.


Triassic_Bark t1_j68c565 wrote

Why do you assume that tribal law is automatically bad?

Why do you assume they want to go somewhere else? They could build boats and leave if they wanted.

Where would the flu come from?

You seem to be making a lot of assumptions about them and their lives.


MaliciousHippie t1_j695nss wrote

>Why do you assume that tribal law is automatically bad? >

Little oversight due to lack of peers, I'm sure they still have a justice system of sorts though

>Why do you assume they want to go somewhere else? They could build boats and leave if they wanted. >

I assume most creatures with sentience tend to desire to branch out on occasion, also idk if the isolated North Sentinelese tribe can just up and make a seafaring craft anymore, it's been 60k years since they've arrived on the Island.

>Where would the flu come from? >

Ok sure, maybe not the flu, how about contracting a disease from an infected carcass?

>You seem to be making a lot of assumptions about them and their lives.

Well, since I'm not going to go and meet them anytime soon, then yes, that is what I'm doing, because visiting them would very possibly kill them.


fruskydekke t1_j68m90e wrote

>the flu will end their lives

The only way they will get flu would be by contact with outsiders. (Which is why that arrogant missionary may, for all we know, have killed them by carrying with him the common cold, or other viruses they have no resistance to).


Mclovinlife1 t1_j68idy8 wrote

If they don't know any different then why would subjects like choice and the ability to have the freedom to choose between regular,soy and oat milk bother them and as far law and governance why would that bother them either we also live under tribal law but our "tribe" is much larger and our laws are much broader in scope since there is a law that will dictate what we can or cannot do for every second of our day.everybody suffers from time to time but its how we deal with hardships that count and finding your own version of peace in this life.


Civil_Speed_8234 t1_j68u4s8 wrote

Similarly, most people suffer in our society, and some have found peace. Maybe they're better off


kjpmi t1_j6gmeov wrote

>Sentinelese islands

It’s just one island that they live on. North Sentinel Island.
The rest of the islands are the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

There are other modern peoples inhabiting the other islands.