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earthman34 t1_j5ro0zh wrote

There's actually about 10 or 12, of differing levels of similarity. Some are very close, some not so much.


OutAndABoot t1_j5ron4g wrote

Would you be willing to go into the levels of similarity?


RyokoKnight t1_j5s5iaj wrote

The main theory is that Leonardo Da Vince and his students painted the same person, piece, or woman around the same time and in the same style and this may have been the equivalent of a modern art class.

As an example of similarities, you could check out the Isleworth Mona Lisa which is thought to predate the more well known Mona Lisa. Also of note is that it is unknown if Leonardo painted any of these or all of them (and may have started or touched up several of them and let his students finish them... we just don't know)... and that includes the original, but most of them likely came from his studio and can be dated to the period he could have done them.

Edit:// here is another Mona lisa, (a twin to the original, also is displayed in OP's linked article) painted and even has the same errors/changes made to the original but is believed to have been painted by one of his students. As you can see the color choice and overall look is different despite it being the same person painted.


LunarPayload t1_j5spmf2 wrote

A modern-day art class, so as not to be confusing ;-)


Landlubber77 t1_j5ruupu wrote

There was yet another copy but it got burned when Miles Bron's island blew up.


apjak t1_j5rsa55 wrote

I appreciate that you didn't know this until today, but I hate that this article is using "Found" in the title.

Everyone knew it was there, and The Prado is one of the top 5 art museums in the world.


BillyCloneasaurus t1_j5sc6fb wrote

It doesn't say they found it, it says they discovered it was a "twin" piece. It was considered an unremarkable copy until they restored it (article is dated 2012) and removed the black background covering the original while also revealing it was likely done in da Vinci's workshop at the same time as his


garoo1234567 t1_j5rqqyz wrote

And those ones with "This is a fake" written on the back is black Sharpie


PitifulNose t1_j5rndqu wrote

Nailed that resting bitch face


BrokenEye3 t1_j5rxbpi wrote

Or there was, until Miles Bron got his hands on it


waxera t1_j5sfv8d wrote

The one in El Prado is made of superior quality and on better wood, therefore is likely the master one made by Davinci. All others are made on inferior wood. Source is the docent at el Prado


Krish39 t1_j5srhmj wrote

Agreed. Even by quick comparison, the one in the Prado is better done, with better materials.

You can go see this one without fanfare. Every time I’ve seen it, it’s just there on the wall, no crowds, in fact I’m the only one appreciating it in that moment.

10/10, highly recommend.


jcd1974 t1_j5u65pp wrote

It was actually surprising to see it at the Prado.

"Isn't that the Mona Lisa?"


Krish39 t1_j5uea8c wrote

Yeah, that was exactly my response the first time.

Round the corner and it’s just there on the wall with a bunch of other painting.

…..uh? What’s going on? Why is this hanging here and why is no one else around it?

I think it’s more recently moved a slightly more prominent place.


Plug_5 t1_j5s6rzw wrote

Wow, seeing the other one, you can really appreciate the beauty of Leonardo's version.


lo_fi_ho t1_j5schv4 wrote

I thought most of the old masters' works were done by their students, the artist just signed them off as his own. Much like a musician hires others to play all the instruments for his piece. And no I'm not saying it's a bad thing, the painting wouldn't exist without the creative mind of the master.


Mmonannerss t1_j5vfnfv wrote

I believe Da Vinci was a studio name and so yes a lot of works were produced from his studio by his students and people working for him under his name.