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AudibleNod t1_j6oavui wrote

Minow called commercial programming a 'vast wasteland'. This led to Congress forming PBS some time later.


GiantIrish_Elk t1_j6ormu3 wrote

Newton Minnow is still alive and just had his 98th birthday.


CrypticHandle t1_j6p5g34 wrote

And this answer is didactic. Common usage for much of the country is to use the title "Congress" to refer solely to the House of Representatives. Technically inaccurate, but so are terms like "hot water heater." But you knew that already 'cause you're so much smarter than the rest of us, right?


snellickers t1_j6p7tir wrote

Related: I will still never forget the look of disgust on my dad’s face when he found me watching Gilligan’s Island before (elementary) school one day.

And he was right.


RandoCalrissian11 t1_j6pf3no wrote

No; Nobody refers to Congress as The House of Representatives unless they are as uneducated as you. Congress is a bicameral system. That’s taught in elementary school if you are lucky; middle school if you are not, and again in high school if you aren’t paying attention.

Fred Rogers knew that, and so should you.