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murderouscow101 t1_j6g06md wrote

Sorry, still lost, what's that measurement in cheeseburgers by bald eagles?


OskaMeijer t1_j6gbitv wrote

I am not sure about that but it is 1.3 football fields by 1.3 football fields by 2 hummer driver's penises.


konami9407 t1_j6gviwr wrote

I didn't know concrete slabs could have negative thickness. TIL.


Chabubu t1_j6gaweb wrote

And also in ornamental gourdes for the vegetarians


a_weak_child t1_j6h0wgl wrote

African or European eagle?


herbw t1_j6h9f86 wrote

The Notorious and common Spread Eagle spp. from what we hear... Esp. common in, near redwoods during summers.

Occ. but not often seen, are the 2 Bakt Beasts found. Their typical call is a long drawn out, low moaning sound. Our thanx to the Bard of Avon.


herbw t1_j6h98uy wrote

we can use a bit of yer tiny parts to measure those.