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herbw t1_j6h7bsc wrote

good points. The roots cannot send up enough water to fully water the coastal redwoods. That is done by fog condensing on their special leaves absorbing water by that means. but they do get lots of rain there far south as Sta. Cruz where the most southerly groves are.

Capillary action cannot supply water needs, alone to the redwoods. The same fogs come on shore in summer and it rains from the fog banks, tho.


Sea_no_evil t1_j6iyaec wrote

Limekiln State Park -- nearly 100 miles south of Santa Cruz -- has a stand of redwoods. AFAIK that is that is the most southern grove. A little further north, but still well south of Santa Cruz, the Big Sur river valley is famous for its redwoods.


dressageishard t1_j6joliu wrote

Limekiln is a lovely place to camp. The redwoods and the views are amazing.


herbw t1_j6k1k6b wrote

Thanks for the details. I been there yrs. ago. Again, yer a great asset of Geographic and Biological value. Looking forward to keepin the internet the greatest teaching tool ever created.