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open_door_policy t1_j6leniy wrote

And he's somehow become less credible since then.


SofaKingI t1_j6ln1zz wrote

Half of the guy's Wikipedia page is the "Controversies" section.

Really just says it all.


Fc2300 t1_j6n829n wrote

In reality though it’s not to bad. He had a stance on Covid that was wrong at the beginning and he apologized and corrected it. His stance on the homeless issue here in LA is not wrong either. Even if we correct our housing issue we still have a huge mental health issue.

The only issue I see really being a red flag is his Wellbutrin stance, which seems to be financially motivated.


timcooksdick t1_j6lhx30 wrote

Just proves again how most famous doctors are indeed fame-seekers first


Terrible_Dish_9516 t1_j6l8a50 wrote

Should have been his last. Dude is a quack and hardcore misogynist.


gainpenis t1_j6le2jh wrote

Love Lines w Adam Carolla


JacksEmptyWallet t1_j6m5vhz wrote

Man, I loved both Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew on Love Lines back in the day. Then they both went insane.


Tank3613 t1_j6m68tc wrote

A show stolen from The Poorman (Jim Trenton).


thakeltikceltic t1_j6lt617 wrote

Pretty sure Aaron Paul from breaking bad first tv appearance was price is right, know that video has made the rounds.


RedSonGamble t1_j6leq34 wrote

Comments gunna be interesting here


WorldsGreatestPoop t1_j6lpgqc wrote

I loved him in the late 90s. But he’s really gone nutty. So did Corolla. Hating taxes is a hell of a motivator I guess.