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gord1to t1_j6p42ce wrote

And Brian Eno composed Windows 95 I believe.


OakParkCemetary t1_j6p3hl4 wrote

What a 21st century schizoid man


bolanrox t1_j6p4fcc wrote

one more Red Nightmare


HogfishMaximus t1_j6p8yps wrote

Seen Frip twice with King Crimson. He plays his guitar sitting down, facing away from the crowd, at the back of the stage.


Future_Direction5174 t1_j6pebv3 wrote

Robert Fripp is local to me. He had some involvement with a local whole food shop in a nearby town. The shop is still there and has been trading for over 30 years.

As a teenager, he took guitar lessons with Mrs. Kathleen Gartell in Corfe Mullen. She was my music teacher, and also related to me through my paternal grandfather we discovered. I went to see her in the early 80’s as I was taking up playing my cornet again as the brass section with a London rock band. She pulled out the magazine in which he had mentioned her in a interview to show me. She was so chuffed to be honoured by him.


darkbee83 t1_j6p93g3 wrote

And it probably made him more money than all of his bands and projects combined.


Factotumm t1_j6pahl1 wrote

Stanley Jordan's Macintosh startup sound was so much more soulful.



Fetlocks_Glistening t1_j6p566x wrote

What about the Vista-being-slow-as-sin melody?


bolanrox t1_j6p5tdy wrote

clearly the Vista dev team were huge fans of frippertronics and his soundscapes.