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threedogcircus t1_j4gc41l wrote

Haha. He got massive forearms rubbing chickens eh?


WaitingForNormal t1_j4gemua wrote

“Cocks” they called them cocks back then.


bumjiggy t1_j4giw3i wrote

they still do, but they used to, too.


BloodBoundCavalier t1_j4hclb3 wrote

Hens are specifically not cocks, though. I can only imagine what kind of luck rubbing a whiffle-cock would give you!


shifty_coder t1_j4hmyv8 wrote

The movie alludes that his massive forearms are genetic, as his father shares the same features, and Popeye initially hates spinach.


Ludique t1_j4ihwy7 wrote

"Keep rubbing that chicken, Popeye"


Jaded_Prompt_15 t1_j4gd41y wrote

They picked spinach because a widespread typo that said it had like 10 or even 100x the iron it actually does...


bayesian13 t1_j4heite wrote

supposedly many people have the MTHFR which leads to anemia if you don't eat enough green leafy vegetables. Popeye may have been on to something with the spinach. "Symptoms of an MTHFR gene mutation

MTHFR mutations affect everyone differently, and symptoms can vary from long-term health issues to hardly noticeable changes in overall health. Research has shown an association between MTHFR mutations and several health problems including:

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
Autoimmune disease and thyroid issues
Cardiovascular disease
Chronic fatigue

FrakkingUsername t1_j4jswn3 wrote

I have the mutation! My psych told me that it messes with your bodies ability to convert vitamin B to a usable form, so they gave me l-methylfolate.


wrextnight t1_j4ghhfs wrote

I remember a Til from years ago that said g instead of mg. I was like dude, no it's gotta make actual sense.


jaybazzizzle t1_j4gcydw wrote

Before that he used to rub roosters. The comics just didn't want to show Popeye stroking his cock for some reason


Smurfblossom t1_j4gchhd wrote

I wonder if the transition to eating spinach for strength happened due to a whiffle hen shortage. I also wonder how many kids became spinach eaters hoping to be Popeye strong.


Dontlagmebro t1_j4ieck9 wrote

It may not have been due to Popeye but I'll be damned if I don't love spinach.


Aporkalypse_Sow t1_j4ifdvd wrote

If you try each day to squeeze open a can of spinach with your hands, you'll probably end up with similar forearms.


Emotional_Raccoon651 t1_j4ilpie wrote

I still try this time to time. I can get some finger dents and even warped a can or two. Never been able to get that damn top to pop though


Lazy_God t1_j4ij6z8 wrote

As a kid back in the late 60's I wanted to try spinach sooo much because of Popeye. When my mom finally cooked some it tasted like shit, and I never wanted it again.

(My mom was an awful cook, so it tasted worse than it should have)


Smurfblossom t1_j4ixpi0 wrote

Well canned spinach leaves a lot to be desired no matter what you do to it.


res30stupid t1_j4ivh3e wrote

In the original commic, the whiffle hen would magically enchant anyone who scratched it on the head; most people got supernatural luck, while Popeye got super-strength.

In fact, in the story in which he debuted, Castor Oyl hired him to bring the group to an island casino to swindle the place using Castor's boosted luck. Popeye used his strength to beat the shit out of some thugs who chased them back to get their boss' money back; it also saved Popeye's life since the boost also let him survive being shot six times.

Interestingly, Popeye debuted ten years into the comic's storyline - it was originally called Thimble Theatre and Olive Oyl was the main character; but she later dumped her fiancé Ham Gravy to date Popeye.

Also, the whiffle hen's magic ended up permanently imbuing into Popeye, making him superhuman. The spinach thing was added later because he needed it as a psychomatic crutch to get his strength back.


creggieb t1_j4k091e wrote

I remember these comics. Didn't the group take the whiffed hen on some sort of gambling tour?


LeelaBeela89 t1_j4ggk7n wrote

Idk about the chicken. So you’re telling me he got those big ass forearms for rubbing on cock.


TricksterJinx t1_j4gpno8 wrote

And once he eats spinach he is able to "tank" the reality being deleted source


kersh2099 t1_j4ii487 wrote

I see someone else is a fan of No Such Thing as a Fish!


DefiantStomp t1_j4gfhox wrote

This man gave me a love of spinach and a nickname


ElfMage83 t1_j4gywyj wrote

His ancestor Hercules gained strength from smelling garlic until he discovered spinach.


Zlifbar t1_j4hhcc7 wrote

man, if stroking a "cock" made one strong, I could lift the moon!


Soup89 t1_j4irzfc wrote

Do you also listen to No Such Thing As a Fish?


Fondren_Richmond t1_j4j8mu2 wrote

Bluto'll get a lickin, once I rub this chicken


Irate_Alligate1 t1_j4kf6hm wrote

I heard this in the last No Such Thing as a Fish podcast


MrArgento t1_j4gu463 wrote

I've been lied to MY ENTIRE LIFE!


ChristophColombo t1_j4hl56v wrote

Changed because, when they were writing his theme song, they discovered that"whiffle hen" doesn't rhyme very well.


DroolingIguana t1_j4i4ig0 wrote

I remember when I was a kid some oatmeal company licensed Popeye and made a bunch of commercials where he got his strength from eating oatmeal. I thought that they'd officially retconned the spinach out of the Popeye mythos and felt so betrayed.


KeepCalmCarrion t1_j4ivr8v wrote

I'm strong as the Dickens

Cause I rub my chicken

I'm Popeye the sailor man


phenolic72 t1_j4jm9d1 wrote

Popeye, who was your favorite Little Rascal?


CraftyArmitage t1_j4jpy2l wrote

Was that the first recorded instance of the "hooman" meme?


Hot_Credit_6350 t1_j4jt57k wrote

Can’t see how watching a sailor stroke random cocks for strength would not be would not be considered family friendly !

That explains that’s why he goes “Ah ga ga ga ga ga ga”


djdefenda t1_j4jzv4q wrote

'Cause I Yam whatever you say I Yam

If I wasn't, then why would I say I Yam?

In the paper, the news, every day I Yam, huh

I don't know, it's just the way I Yam?


quadmasta t1_j4hrbjw wrote

What a euphemism: rubbing the whiffle hen