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unknownpanda121 t1_j5n4j1f wrote

I understand he was glad he didn’t get carjacked but dude probably went out and carjacked someone else some other time. A Big Mac isn’t going to change this man’s mentality.


I_Mix_Stuff t1_j5n8yjc wrote

maybe a big mac and a mcflurry would do


unknownpanda121 t1_j5n98an wrote

You know damn well the ice cream machine is broke.


old_table_poker t1_j5ol8cl wrote

The ice cream machines stop working when it’s cold outside. Tell the kid.


DashTrash21 t1_j5r4idl wrote

Roses are red,

Obama is well spoken

We're sorry sir,



spasske t1_j5ol4hh wrote

New McDonald’s commercial in the works.


Sharcbait t1_j5om867 wrote

In the interview Lou tells it ain't like that.

He says the car jacker recognized him from doing community work and has a mini-breakdown where he says he doesn't have anything and is basically homeless and doesn't even have anything to eat. Lou tells him to meet him at McDonalds and he would buy him anything he wants to eat (just fearing for his own safety and buying time for his body guard to come back)

It's not like Lou was trying to change the world 1 bigmac at a time, he was just trying to distract the dude long enough until the bodyguard could come back.


icup2 t1_j5npbeh wrote

Dude probably felt more motivated carjacking to see if he can meet more of his idols


TWiesengrund t1_j5npist wrote

A free car AND a free BigMac? Sounds like a deal to me!


noncyberspace t1_j5nznm8 wrote

Some kindness can go big ways some times.. gotta recognize that the justice system probably wouldn’t have put him back society either.


Outdoor_classroom t1_j5ok479 wrote

I grew up super poor. I sometimes get the feeling that when you can relate to a criminal you don’t take the crime too personally. Lots of us have been so close to the edge you wonder if you’ll have to start committing crimes to get by. It isn’t a “mentality” that makes a person more likely to commit crime. I don’t know anything about Williams’ background, but I wonder if Williams felt that way. I doubt he was trying to change the carjackers ways. He probably was literally just buying him a burger


Sharcbait t1_j5omhzk wrote

In the interview he is buying him a burger and stalling for time for his bodyguard to get there. He isn't trying to do some change your life mission.


voodoodudu t1_j5okska wrote

Im sure he talked to him about his life and how to change it.


RonyTheTiger t1_j5ose8m wrote

Step 1: Don’t hurt me and steal my car.

Step 2: Eat

Step 3: Figure it out later


SnoffScoff2 t1_j5pscpu wrote

"Mentality" is an odd way to spell material circumstances.


master_a_skywalker69 t1_j5plkw9 wrote

I don’t think this is what happened, but most people steal out of desperation which someone with a lot of money could change semi long term for one other person at least.


Lazy-Blackberry-7008 t1_j5pxcwr wrote

I am guessing he asked the car jacker "why you out here doing this?"

The car jacker probably said something about tryna eat then he took him to McDonald's?

Lol pure speculation.


[deleted] t1_j5q76ji wrote

No, but a meal and chat with his basketball(?) hero might.


[deleted] t1_j5oi5rg wrote

Eh meeting a dope ass basketball player and hanging out with him and learning there is more to life might though you know?? What is throwing him in a jail cell gonna teach him??


SeaLeggs t1_j5oimvl wrote

Might work with 7 year olds, not adults.


auggie5 t1_j5okscx wrote

Many adults think like children tbh


kingofwale t1_j5njtbo wrote

So…. You aren’t you when you are hungry.


Tex-Rob t1_j5pjnoa wrote

It's funny that you joke about this, but I legit was thinking about this recently. Most of us have heard the stories of parole boards approvals come at the start and right after lunch, and become very unlikely as the parole board members get hungry. It makes me wonder how many high tension situations could be diffused by the person just eating something. Like, I wonder how many crimes are committed when the person is hungry, vs not? Super random thoughts for the day.


FinancialYou4519 t1_j5qcal7 wrote

When youre in a relationship and have a fight. Trust me, eat something the both of you. I swear like 85% of all domestic fights could be solved with a sandwich cut in half. (Source: trust me brah)


tendollarstd t1_j5nch7b wrote

Someone was in that other thread about the Eagles player who had his car stolen….


InterPunct t1_j5n6qsh wrote

I have no idea who Lou Williams is but he doesn't seem very bright, if well-intentioned.


LeanMeanDrMachine t1_j5no8wh wrote

I mean, at that point he was practically in a crazed fan hostage situation rather than a carjacking, so keeping the guy sweet was probably the best thing to do


killerkadugen t1_j5nwwvp wrote

This right here. Jacker still had the means revert it back to a car jacking situation.

Heck, I sure Lou probably wasn't the one to offer.


thedr0ughts t1_j5nyzmw wrote

Sweet Lou did a lot for the city of Philadelphia so the gunman saw it was Lou and didn’t rob him, Lou was able to talk him down.

Lou Williams isn’t some rich guy going through the hood ignorantly… obviously he knows how to handle himself and would know if he’s being carjacked


unrealjoe28 t1_j5o6t2d wrote

Lemon Pepper Lou got younger me into basketball as a sixers fan. Loved him


thedr0ughts t1_j5o7s3h wrote

Sweet Lou got a wife and a girlfriend and they both know about each other


jay_mald t1_j5o7n5u wrote

Making a judgment on someone’s intellect while also admitting you don’t have an idea who they are, says much more about you than it does them.


morphoyle t1_j5oi5eb wrote

Seems like you are doing the same thing with this reply 😂


Sharcbait t1_j5omxma wrote

It wasn't some well-intentioned "change your life" type of situation. It was like I need to stall for some time while I wait for the bodyguard to roll back up.


XGeN_ReaL t1_j5p2dua wrote

Im honestly perplexed how you can say he doesn’t seem bright based on successfully de-escalating a life threatening altercation.

He managed to not get robbed, not get shot, and bought enough time for his security to arrive. If that is not intelligence, what is?


square3481 t1_j5nkru2 wrote

Then he made him tea and told him he could make it as a massage therapist.


Judge_Rhinohold t1_j5or3gs wrote

I also haven’t carjacked Lou Williams. Where’s my McDonalds?


SD8955 t1_j5rodo8 wrote

You need to find him and tell him first. He was last seen at the edge of the Andromeda galaxy, you can probably catch him by bike if you go now.


Swiggity53 t1_j5njl0i wrote

two girls and they get along like I’m Lou….


_PM_ME_YOUR_FORESKIN t1_j5og3t4 wrote

I mean. I’d take him to McDonald’s while I waited for the police to come arrest his ass. You can’t just be carjacking people.


[deleted] t1_j5oief1 wrote

Yeah the police do such good work getting violence and crime to end 💀


badpeaches t1_j5nkaqx wrote

Title reads like a corporate fast food chain shill threw this together


DoofusMagnus t1_j5o6mka wrote

Could have been a good way to get the guy's face on a security camera. Doesn't sound like that's the route he went, though.


yamaha2000us t1_j5oxu76 wrote

Good luck with the next carjacking…


frankybling t1_j5pd294 wrote

Yo man are you hungry? I’ll buy you some food right over there… this is pretty good thinking.


Notmystationbro t1_j5s1qlg wrote

I would’ve taken him to jail because fuck you


Salmol1na t1_j5sxqqf wrote

Williams made 5 million before endorsements in 2011. Couldn’t he have gone a step higher like Denny’s or Waffle House?


rhymes_with_chicken t1_j61hcbw wrote

I’m 6’10 and have almost been mugged twice. But, in both cases once the would be assailant was standing toe to toe with me, we ended up talking about where I played, how tall I was, what size shoes I wore, and parted ways by shaking hands and exchanging goodbyes. Wild shit. But, I’ll take it over the alternatives.


mcpickledick t1_j5o070a wrote

"Thanks for victimizing other people with far less money instead"


BikiniBottomYe t1_j5qfist wrote

Lol I woulda jacked him twice... hate me some chicken lou wil


Brock_Way t1_j5nsu4d wrote

Paying people to not commit violence against you is called extortion.

EDIT: Correct where necessary because of my terrible wording.


Splarnst t1_j5o6ly4 wrote

Demanding payment is extortion. Paying is being the victim.


Vegan_Harvest t1_j5nxsot wrote

This line of reasoning has led many a sovereign citizen astray.