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CatBugDickBug t1_j6h8q3w wrote

Imagine being so lazy that you can't be fucked to get rid of the parasitic moth in your skin so it just evolves along side you


casualsax t1_j6ktb7g wrote

Imagine having a snack always within arms reach.


Gathorall t1_j6md6jr wrote

In fact, grooming so rarely that you grow algae like some damp rock.


partthethird t1_j6harr8 wrote

And when this colony ship they've been cultivating finally reaches its destination, there'll be an entire sloth moth civilisation already established, because the sloth moths back home invented a faster sloth


greenvillain t1_j6h90od wrote

Pubic lice live exclusively in human pubic hair. They're a totally different species from head lice.


UniqueUsername82D t1_j6jl2xy wrote

"This has been a great date.. do you want to take things back to my sloth and see where it goes?"


Nadaesque t1_j6k58b1 wrote

SLOTHS: You know what, I am gonna head down this evolutionary dead end by eating these plants nobody likes. Sure, we have no real future but at least there's not a lot of competition.

SLOTH MOTHS: Oh cool, mind if we come with?


milkman1218 t1_j6kssl4 wrote

slOTH + mOTH = slm + 2OTH . . Where was I going with this?


BaconIsAVeg2 t1_j6j00as wrote

I misread that last bit and thought the sloth was using the moth dung during mating, and I had a hard WTF moment.


[deleted] t1_j6iwqws wrote



NovaNebula t1_j6j0i22 wrote

Sloths evolved first, and then this species of moth evolved to dwell on the ecosystem provided by sloth fur. That makes perfect sense, and co-evolution has happened hundreds of times in evolutionary history.