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Greigers t1_j6fgx2a wrote

From the freaking source:

"The name was interpreted as a Native American reference in the 1960s, and the university did have a mascot (adorned in Native American dress), which eventually led to the team's name change to the Red Storm."


feetandballs t1_j6g4czd wrote

Right. It’s not like they were unaware of how it could be interpreted. They have a library.


rokman t1_j6fg6ag wrote

Why didn’t they needlessly hold on to their problematic title for extra decades?


J_S_M_K OP t1_j6g2ojl wrote

They probably felt it wasn't worth the trouble. Besides, Red Storm is a way cooler name anyway.


bloodyriz t1_j6i20a8 wrote

Should have gone all Mccarthy and changed it to the Red Menace.


J_S_M_K OP t1_j6i5xt4 wrote

That is also a cool name. I like Red Storm better, though.


dishonourableaccount t1_j6g42jj wrote

If you’re talking about the Redskins it’s funny. You go into SE or Trinidad and you’ll still see people wearing Skins hats and gear. The people who cared about the team name was people not from the area or white people that moved in and gentrified enough of the city. Most local fans didn’t care.


Chillchinchila1 t1_j6g68ea wrote

I know the team had been controversial since the 90s.

I don’t like how people always brush off criticism by saying “only [majority group] cares, [minority group] liked it, most of the time it’s not correct.


infodawg t1_j6fhuk2 wrote

Cool team way too just go with the flow and not cause a needless stink.


InvisibleBob101 t1_j6g5lln wrote

The same thing happened with the McGill University sports teams a few years ago. They were the Redmen and Redwomen and changed to the Redbirds. It also was apparently a reference to the red hair of the university's namesake.


MightyJoe36 t1_j6i6dxd wrote

Wait until they find out about the New Zealand National Rugby Team.


Axolotlist t1_j6k6jaa wrote

Here's a good one for you. In 1998, the Alberta government changed the name of one of the Rocky Mountains from "Chinaman's Peak" to "Ha Ling Peak", because it was deemed to be offensive. Ha Ling was a Chinese railway labourer who did two things: he scaled the mountain in 1896 to win a bet, and to honour his fellow Chinese railway workers, he named it Chinaman's Peak.


Mk1Racer25 t1_j6gf477 wrote

Yet Florida State still call themselves the Seminoles


Algernone25 t1_j6grosg wrote

That's different, as the Seminole Tribe of Florida has given FSU explicit permission to use the name, imagery, and mascot in the likeness of their members. Source


Greigers t1_j6hop0g wrote

In addition to an actual tribe name being different than "Redmen", "Redskins", and the like.