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av4rice t1_j4x6xwn wrote

TIL Aarhus is in Denmark. I always thought Aarhus was in the middle of our street.


haimez t1_j4ytkgp wrote

No, Aarhus is in the middle of Aar street.


I_Mix_Stuff t1_j4vxjw4 wrote

a public library is an odd choice to make noise


ThatWeLike t1_j4yojtf wrote

You're right! I've lived close to this place since 2015, and have written ton of assignments, sitting in this building. They placed the children's zone close to the gong, which is a common thing in Danish libraries. I guess because it's not going to be completely quiet in that area anyways. In my experience though, the gong rarely gongs(?) and has been offline for longer periods of time. During 100+ hours spent in that building, I've heard it less than five times.


Riegel_Haribo t1_j4w9ug3 wrote

Pubic library


wolfmurphy96 t1_j4y5mz4 wrote

I don’t find your joke very funny but also find 33 downvotes to be a bit much.


1rubyglass t1_j50k4fm wrote

Look again, it's at 80 now. Reddit is all about the bandwagon


ergotpoisoning OP t1_j4vnxr9 wrote

I lived in Aarhus for a while in 2016/17 and can confirm that Dokk1 is the best library in the world. Just the most incredible resource for the citizens and visitors, an example of what public buildings should be like everywhere.


Musicman1972 t1_j4w1bzl wrote

I love a good library.

Have you ever been to Stuttgart? The library there is beautiful'


jayb40132 t1_j4y5tjt wrote

Oh man, I had completely forgotten about it! Was stationed by rammstein in 03-04 and we went to Stuttgart just bumming around, we were talking in the restaurant and a local recommended we stop by there and take a look, it was awesome just the scale of it


ThatWeLike t1_j4yuty4 wrote

I have lived five minutes away from it, since the week after it opened in 2015. Have done a ton of uni work at there, as I didn't want to ride my bike up the hill on to AU. It was the convenient option - not the best option.

In my experience, the building actually mostly functions a citizen service center for the municipality, where you can get passports/driver's licenses renewed, get your pension, move address etc. At least if you look at what the majority of people are there for, and not that department's footprint in the building. I could be wrong, but it sure feels that way.

To me, Dokk1 is a big bulding that happens to also hold books. With embarrassingly scarce proper seating and not a lot of either peace nor quiet. The building's cool and all, but as a library, functionally, I don't think it should be even on a top 100. Where are you supposed to read/work? Five tiny(!) private group study rooms for a city with more than 50k students. When kids run around screaming upstairs/on the ramp, or there's an event going on in the open, that's not enough if you want to have a great library imo.

Sure, you can get books, and if you're lucky, they even have the one you're looking for on hand, and not at one of their 10 other/old branches in some suburb, as they have only one copy between them all. They usually can get it to their branch within a day or two.

I'd like to know the real reason it won a prize as a library, because it would be odd to me, if it wasn't simply the architecture, that was commended.

Edit: I sound ranty. I guess I had some real dog shit days there the last few times, trying to study there for exams, so that's probably why. Shit seats, loud kids, and a Street Fighter tournament taking over the whole ramp area at 15.30 on a Thursday, when all students in the city were studying for their exams. Everyone looked pissed.


SourPuss6969 t1_j4wtar2 wrote

First you get the dong

Then you ring the gong


epochpenors t1_j4w7s59 wrote

I’m surprised they don’t have problems with some dumbass kid just spamming the gong button while they’re at the hospital


1945BestYear t1_j4wmpet wrote

My first thought would be a timer, programme it so you had to wait a minute before it could go off again. Or a nurse would have a key to switch the button on.


ProteinStain t1_j4xot2f wrote

That's awesome.

At the hospital we had our kids. They play a short lullaby over the speakers every time a baby is born.

What's crazier is, when we had our daughter, there was a "baby wave" (the nurses words) and we basically heard it non-stop for the two nights we were there.

It's was really fun actually.


ShalmaneserIII t1_j4xqonx wrote

I worked at a hospital that did that. I thought there needed to be symmetry- Brahms' Lullaby for a birth, Chopin's Funeral March for a death. You could tell how the night was going that way.


ClancyHabbard t1_j4yglio wrote

I had surgery at a hospital that did that. It was a fucking nightmare, I kept getting woken up all night. I was about ready to snap by the time I was allowed to leave.


ProteinStain t1_j4yppv0 wrote

Oh, thats insane. They only played the chime very quietly and only in the Maternity Ward hallways, not the rooms.
Ya, hearing that over the entire fucking hospital!? That's awful.


TarikeNimeshab t1_j4vok51 wrote

It would be hell trying to read there.


vrenak t1_j4wd75t wrote

Aarhus isn't handling all births of India, it's not going off every second.


1945BestYear t1_j4wmc5f wrote

Either I've messed up my maths, or I should expect the Gong to go off every 11 minutes, assuming the 300,000-strong city had a perfectly proportional share of the 4-per-second birth rate of the entire globe.


vrenak t1_j4wmsgr wrote

It definitely doesn't, Asia and Africa especially turns up that number a lot, afair the average woman has 1.8 kids here.


1945BestYear t1_j4woyaj wrote

That's why I stated that assumption, I admit that it's napkin maths.

Although I don't really think birth rates to be that widely distributed anymore. Most of Asia and the Middle East is down to similar levels as Europe and the Americas at around 2 births per woman, many of those countries spent the last 70 years bringing child mortality and the birth rate down (Bangladesh for example is precisely 2.00 births per woman). Sub-Saharan Africa's birth rate is higher, most of the population growth in the next century will be there, but right now Africa's share of the global population isn't that large at 1.2 billion.


1Harryface t1_j4wyg8e wrote

Kinda hoping to see a picture of the bell. Ringing bells gives me a good vibe~~~


ergotpoisoning OP t1_j4x1c56 wrote


1Harryface t1_j4xkmoo wrote

Very cool yet not a bell. Just a chime. No disrespect but there is a difference in my opinion.


ergotpoisoning OP t1_j4xmkr2 wrote

What's the difference? Does a bell have to have a clapper inside? In which case I don't know definitively that The Gong doesn't use a clapper. It just isn't bell-shaped


Colon t1_j4w3rlr wrote

really cheap nearby property available too!


ergotpoisoning OP t1_j4w4abi wrote

I lived in an apartment about 15 minutes walk away along the old docks, brand new building with gorgeous views out over the ocean. Best sunrises I have ever seen. Couldn't really recommend Aarhus more as somewhere to live


aarhus t1_j4yzsqt wrote

You rang?


MonkeyMercenaryCapt t1_j50hex4 wrote

This is the kind of stuff that gets me out of dystopic nightmare that is our existence. We are capable of such cool things and this is way up there!


Fool_On_the_Hill_9 t1_j4vs0qa wrote

Get it on, have a baby, bang a gong. It's kind of dirty sweet.


crackeddagger t1_j4wa2pp wrote

That's why the sign when you enter town says "Welcome to Aarhus; get it on, bang the Gong, get it on."


Jon123jon5 t1_j4y4ee3 wrote

Born and raised in Aarhus. My mother did ring a that back when I was born


Sdosullivan t1_j4y6oet wrote

I think thT’s wonderful.


vlike19 t1_j4y7l43 wrote

Hopefully there are no millionaires setting up a murder mystery game there.


optiongeek t1_j4yj5if wrote

I love this. Every town should have this. I would be so happy every time I heard the gong. How do we make this happen?

And not just a gong. A magnificent rolling peal of huge bells.


sharksnut t1_j4yyjsc wrote

If you are born at home via midwife, they just toss you into the volcano


MosesOnAcid t1_j4z1fi9 wrote

"Sssshhhhh, please be quiet in the library." ... "GOOOOOOONG!"


Slipelyslipperystair t1_j4zud7n wrote

The car dealership made me do something similar to this the last time I bought a car and I hated it. I’m not exactly the “hey everyone, look at me I just did a thing” type of person. It was awkward too, because he walked over with the Gong and stood there with a goofy smile on his face until I agreed to strike it with the mallet. Made me wanna cancel the sale.


tigian t1_j503uhk wrote

Imagjne that in main cities in China / India, all day long donging


truthinlies t1_j50583x wrote

Slightly different bell ringing than the undead parish.


CheshireCat86 t1_j50o3o7 wrote

Ghent, Belgium has 1800's style old ornate streetlamps that turn on with every child born. It's at the "Veerleplein", next to Counts Castle.

Novel, but fun to see if your having a drink at the Veerleplein and another Ghentian is born :)