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jamseph t1_j3oc5el wrote

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy guy, I think their fighting is more of a show to further divide the US population. These days they would all work together and vote themselves a raise to buy new cars and you probably wouldn't hear anything about it.


PaulMaulMenthol t1_j3og86m wrote

Nah I don't believe it's a show. I think it's 100% genuine. I think the only reason Marijuana hasn't been addressed on the federal level is because each side doesn't want to give the other side that "win" with the general public


Batracho t1_j3p3vco wrote

Meh, I want to believe that, but I was kinda shocked to see 2 states flat out refuse to legalize it in their states during this last election (ND and AR).


Street_Roof_7915 t1_j3pcogn wrote

I live in AR and am in favor of legalizing marijuana, but the initiative had some major major issues with it, and I voted no on it. It was a very bad bill.


Batracho t1_j3pgu7p wrote

Thanks for your input! I’m not that familiar with the intricacies of the bill, mind elaborating a bit? What was so bad about?


Street_Roof_7915 t1_j3ssays wrote

It didn’t include expungement, it gave the right to sell to specific companies (all the rich white men who run the state), it didn’t allow for home grow, etc etc


Batracho t1_j3t2w6s wrote

That sucks. Yet is it still worse than the status quo?


Street_Roof_7915 t1_j41myf4 wrote

Yes. We have medical here. We are a poor state and arresting black and brown people is a good way to make money.


chaserne1 t1_j3pig0p wrote

What about when SD voted to legalize and their governor fought it in court to get it overturned.


Orbeef t1_j3pwp3d wrote

I almost wish I believe that, but sadly, idiots like MTG and Boebert are all too real.


YungTeemo t1_j3rm2eg wrote

Well obviously its less right or left and more rich and poor. But gotta keep the poor busy and divided.

And i cant imagine beeing that invested in something i barely understand like so many people in usa with their politics.


270- t1_j3umefd wrote

Congress hasn't had a salary raise since 2009 and in inflation-adjusted terms their salaries haven't been lower since 1955.


Alexstarfire t1_j3obzy0 wrote

> then take away the majority speakers car instead

Wrong conclusion. Pretty sure they'd give him a more expensive car instead.


dubbzy104 t1_j3o9w69 wrote

And find loop holes to circumvent the $25 limit


200DollarGameBtw t1_j3piqj5 wrote

Nah after the recent incident it would be a fisticuffs tourney for who gets their car stolen