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brkh47 t1_j3mwjbq wrote

>MethodologyThis original survey of 1,135 parents around the United States was conducted by Main Street Children's Dentistry & Orthodontics using a Google Forms survey.
>Parents of children aged 1-17 were asked how often their children have various sugary snacks per week including cookies, candy, donuts, pastries,ice cream, ice pops, cake, pie, and beverages such as fruit juice, chocolate milk, soft drinks, sports drinks, and energy drinks.
>The averages for each state are based on the responses of at least 20 people who have identified as parents.

Twenty people per state. Is that a big enough sample?


ShadowLiberal t1_j3nwiwe wrote

Technically you can, but the the margin of error is so huge that any result is almost meaningless.


einherjar81 t1_j3mqeuj wrote

Gotta be Tastykakes. That's the only explanation.


zachzsg t1_j3qlpvn wrote

Pennsyvania in general is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to unhealthy completely empty snacks. It seems like 98% of potato chips are from Hanover Pennsylvania, and there’s basically nothing there except distribution centers lol

There’s also Hershey’s which probably doesn’t help either


einherjar81 t1_j3qpz3l wrote

Yeah, PA is either first or second in overall snack food production.

Utz, Herr's, Snyder's... And probably a few more less well-known brands.


conrade_cormholio t1_j3q3a3b wrote

Turner's Iced Tea. People in Pittsburgh love it. They probably start out on that stuff before they have their first gulp of breast milk.


A_Fartful_Dodger t1_j3mrg3o wrote

That Utah stat sounds like bullshit to me. Utah’s Mormons run on sugar.


Sick4747 t1_j3n61ni wrote

Right, cookie shops, soda shops there’s even a cookie war going on in the courts right now


[deleted] t1_j3ncd4z wrote



SirRedRising t1_j3norqf wrote

"It's not premarital sex if the orifice you use isn't a vagina...for some reason. Look, I got an entire religion to bullshit here, people." - Joseph Smith, most likely.


usrevenge t1_j3nxg8p wrote

Uh look up soaking which is even better.

You stick your penis in the girl but as long as you don't thrust and she doesn't move it isn't sex.

So you get a 3rd person to jump on the bed which creates the movement for you.

This is a real thing I cannot believe this religion still exists in younger people.


Kevin_Wolf t1_j3oc12f wrote

I'm pretty sure that soaking is just a meme created to make fun of moral panics and religious stereotypes, in the same vein as rainbow parties and Jews having sex through a hole in the sheet.

In reality, Mormon teens who want to bonk will probably just bonk like everyone else does.


faketown77 t1_j3pakcl wrote

I went to byu and heard people joke about this but I don’t think it’s a real thing. There aren’t loopholes like that.


PerNewton t1_j3oxfrh wrote

….or if the orifice is kin to you. The closer the kin, the less sinful.


losemyshis t1_j3rif8k wrote

That’s for the adults; not allowed to drink caffeine


Blessed_tenrecs t1_j3o9eyn wrote

This survey was based on 20 parents reporting per state. 1. Thats a pretty low number for a study like this and 2. Might be influenced by the typical northeasterner blunt honesty and shamelessness. How many parents do you think lied “nah my darlin boy only has one sweet snack a week really....”


PermanentTrainDamage t1_j3oroga wrote

My kid lives off of meat and candy, tbh. She dislikes most breads/crackers/pastas and vegetables are made by Satan to tempt her into hell, apparently.


BabyLegsOShanahan t1_j3mu7iv wrote

Are Mormons allowed to have sugary snacks?


ShadowLiberal t1_j3nwuw2 wrote

I think Caffeine is the the thing that they aren't supposed to have, which most sugary snacks won't have.

That said, a lot of Mormons still have caffeine anyway.


HairTop23 t1_j3opz5f wrote

While not TECHNICALLY banned, Mormons are told to avoid addictive substances and to do things in moderation so it makes sense. We had ZERO sugary things for a good 7-8 years growing up


jsface2009 t1_j3mwol0 wrote


RetroMetroShow t1_j3mzf76 wrote

Nah Hershey is in a remote part of Pennsyltucky, it’s mostly Philly is the problem


odaeyss t1_j3oc0nz wrote

I grew up near hershey. I once ate a pound of fudge waiting for my friend's parents to come pick us up from the park. You're underestimating the sweet tooth of the Pennsylvania dutch.


jarnarvious t1_j3p54yj wrote

Seriously. The number of Mellowcreme bags my family gets through every autumn is astounding.


Boxhead_31 t1_j3qfmpb wrote

In America your bread is a sugar snack


badguid t1_j3mqfjf wrote

I would like a comparison to the rest of the World


jeffinRTP t1_j3mqp3u wrote

How do you eat .862 of a sugar snack?


local_vvitch t1_j3mun9u wrote

It’s an average.


jeffinRTP t1_j3mx053 wrote

So why not just adverage it up to a whole number?


local_vvitch t1_j3mx53f wrote

Because that’s not what an average is.


jeffinRTP t1_j3mxfax wrote

But they are saying that child eat .863 of a sugar snack


local_vvitch t1_j3mynoz wrote

No, they’re saying the total number of snacks children ate divided by the number of children is 22.862. Not that each individual child ate 22.862 sugary snacks. That’s how averages work. It’s the same reason the average number of legs for humans is 1.97 legs.


BrokenEye3 t1_j3muh11 wrote

Yeah, there ought to be a unit of measurement in there somewhere, oughtn't there?