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zeiandren t1_j5ydwng wrote

Eh, this might be true on a crt tv where you’d see flickering or rolling, but modern tvs are always on with no blanking and just show the same image it was showing during refresh


Jaded_Prompt_15 t1_j5yeiwn wrote


10-20 years ago dogs started being able to watch TV.

Mine's super into it and even video games.


RogerRabbit1234 t1_j5z0hij wrote

My dog will chase other dogs that run out of the frame. We have a TV on a wall in the basement, that the other side has stairs on it up to the main level, and this dog will watch TV, and when a dog looks like it runs off the screen to the right will go tearing off, to run up the stairs to search for these vile intruders.


Robbotlove t1_j5ymevg wrote

> and even video games.

how are the games played without thumbs?


WesternOne9990 t1_j62462t wrote

The same way I did when my ps2 controller broke, the dance dance revolution mat or rock band drum set.


zeroborders t1_j5z9x4s wrote

My mom got a channel called Dog TV so her Pomeranian wouldn’t be lonely while she was at work. He loves it so much that if someone changes the channel to watch their own shows, he starts barking at them to change it back.


FrameComprehensive88 t1_j5z3v3v wrote

My dog loves TV as well. She is always interested if there is a dog on TV.


Jaded_Prompt_15 t1_j5z483s wrote

If mine sees one that looks like him tho, it freaks him the fuck out.

I dunno if he expects it to be a reflection or what. But he'll go ape shit.


Implausibilibuddy t1_j5z3q6o wrote

It's meaningless anyway, CFF does not translate directly to a human (or animal) refresh rate or FPS. Plus we humans (CFF 50-90Hz) have enjoyed cinema at 24 FPS for over a century now, and some stop motion animation is 12 and we can still get engrossed in it.


Conflixx t1_j5zft0w wrote

Why is this entire post even showing up on my front page? It's clearly not true if someone thinks 5 seconds about this, the fuck?


Nascar_is_better t1_j61wc3t wrote

>Why is this entire post even showing up on my front page?

do you know how the internet works?


aowbsx t1_j5zdtz0 wrote

For real, my dog gets sucked in sometimes, like he’s glued to that thing


JayMunOne t1_j5ykf33 wrote

Can't watch Yellowstone around my dog. Anytime a horse is on screen, he doesn't shut up


jadedflux t1_j5ziirh wrote

Maybe he just has good taste in TV shows and wants you to turn it off


/s as someone that is caught up on it (kind of)


nkrader t1_j5ym9yz wrote

Mine does the same with goats, he looses his mind.


maggos t1_j610mjg wrote

This was the case when we watched Vikings. Any time a horse was on screen she would stare or even growl


Rob_AMG t1_j60bwde wrote

My pug has a serious hatred for horses too. My Boston will join him just because.


Thedrunner2 t1_j5yfs7l wrote

My dog barks at any dog on the tv incessantly. Whenever the dog goes offscreen, I can tell he thinks proudly he just told it to fuck off and he won.


Piffdolla1337take2 t1_j5yhuqe wrote

Frames per second not flickers, but this would explain why my dog likes me playing on the ps5 at 60fps.. must look less like a flip book


c_delta t1_j609cmu wrote

No, flickers. Flicker fusion is about whether you perceive a pulsed light as a constant brightness or as a series of individual flashes. That is not the same as frame rate - for example, on traditional film reel projections in cinema, each frame would be flashed three times to give 72 Hz of flicker with 24 fps, because flicker fusion for humans is in the range of several dozen hertz - hard to pinpoint an exact value, since it depends on a whole damn lot of factors, but light flashing at 24 Hz is pretty much intolerable.

Its relation with the ability to perceive fluid motion is also rather distant. Sure, both deal with the time resolution of the eye-brain system, but fluid motion starts somewhere between 10 and 20 frames per second and continues getting smoother well above 100 fps, though obviously with strongly diminishing returns at that point.


mrjaxson1111 t1_j5ydo20 wrote

My Shih Tzu Ruby loves watching the telle tubbies. Her eyes are glad to the TV


CatalyticDragon t1_j5ypwf6 wrote

I’m giving this comment an upvote and I want assurances that this upvote will get to Ruby. Make sure she knows she’s been upvoted.


nighttimehobby t1_j5ym7cc wrote

Glued? Just double checking.


give_me_wallpapers t1_j5yvpvg wrote

My boy will attack the TV if he sees me playing a violent video game like skyrim or cyberpunk, he hates sword fights. Same thing with TV shows, any arguing angry people get him to growl and defend us from the bad man in the window.


coletron3000 t1_j5z3zt8 wrote

My dog’s 4 and out of nowhere started to watch tv recently. She’d never noticed it before, but now we catch her watching football. Tested it out by putting a squirrel video on the tv and she briefly lost her mind. It’s the same TV in the same spot it’s been in since she was a puppy. I wonder what made her finally notice it.


Bloobeard2018 t1_j5z9jof wrote

We cannot watch nature documentaries. Our dogs go nuts. One even barked at a depiction of a horse on an Etruscan vase on some historical doc.


811545b2-4ff7-4041 t1_j5yjh7j wrote

My cavapoo will watch the TV happily, waiting for an animal to bark at. We've tried a few different TVs.

He can't see anything on the phone though. Never engages with it.


Kryavan t1_j5z660b wrote

My dog gives absolutely two shits about the TV, 1080p/4k doesn't matter.

Until my wife played Stray, then his attention was glued to the TV.


sweatpantsprincess t1_j5yjmpt wrote

TIL that there is such thing as cavapoo!


811545b2-4ff7-4041 t1_j5ykxe6 wrote


It's a very common Poodle crossbreed, with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel .. one of the OG 'designer crossbreeds'. They are very similar to cockapoos.


Flashwastaken t1_j5zd9y7 wrote

What’s a designer crossbreed?


811545b2-4ff7-4041 t1_j5zfes0 wrote

>designer crossbreed

They are controlled crossbreed from 'pure' breeds. E.g. most cavapoos are from a pure Poodle X pure Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. You do get some Cavapoos born from Cavapoo X Cavapoo, known as F2's .. but that's how you get recessive genes causing problems.


Flashwastaken t1_j62sjp3 wrote

Most cavapoos are mix’s that are sold by puppy farmers. There isn’t that much control in their breeding. The breeders don’t keep those kind of records. Labradoodles are the only mixed breed that have that level of control and that’s because the breeders/clubs are trying to become a legitimate breed.


Flashwastaken t1_j5zd4mb wrote

There is no registered breed as a cavapoo. It doesn’t have recognition by any body that registers dogs. You can’t get pedigrees for them. The likelihood of this person having official paperwork that says cavapoo or even knowing the dogs parents, is probably low. That or they paid for a dog with no papers and believed what the person told them without verification.


largePenisLover t1_j5zxzov wrote

nobody but dog breeders care about dog breeders opinions on what constitutes a breed.


Flashwastaken t1_j603w2z wrote

If that was true, people wouldn’t make up names like cavapoo. They would just say dog.


nkrader t1_j5ym6s4 wrote

My dog watches my 144hz all day


Phil_Wild t1_j5yxuod wrote

My dog needs to know this. So over her barking at every animal that appears on the screen. So tired of her remembering and hearing a sound that comes before an animal appears on the screen and then running from the other side of the house to see the animal on the screen and then bark at it.


birthritual t1_j5z2m20 wrote

My pup is frightened by fireworks, will hide for hours on July 4th and New Years when fireworks sounds from neighbor houses are barely audible to me. But some action movie with blaring surround sound won’t phase her one bit. So I guess something in sound from speakers also doesn’t seem real to them.


mexican2554 t1_j5zymon wrote

Tell them to my beagle. He was doing what hounds do, chilling on the couch, occasionally being fed a baby carrot by my roommate, when suddenly he jump off it, ran at the tv, and started howling at it. We were watching one of the many David Attenborough docuseries when they started talking about wolves and their impact in the ecosystem. We had never seen him on such high alert before.

But it's ok. He showed them tv wolves who was the boss. He went back to his spot on the couch and enjoyed a much earned 5th nap of the day.


Bullet1289 t1_j60jnnf wrote

My old dog loved dragon ball original and nothing else on a screen. He'd come running as soon as he heard "find that dragon ball"


ImToxiq t1_j60k76z wrote

When we watch football my parents dogs just follow the ball around the tv lol it’s pretty funny


Volfie t1_j60ujmv wrote

" I have no idea what CFF stands for...and at this point I really don't give a rat's ass."


nancylikestoreddit t1_j5zuhum wrote

I want to know if there are dogs out there that would benefit from wearing glasses.


4day-epoxy t1_j6365nx wrote

My cats watch me play madden 🤷🏻‍♂️


Blutarg t1_j5z0rio wrote

Huh, that's interesting.


Esta_noche t1_j62qt7e wrote

Anything under 120fps is unplayable


chrome-spokes t1_j5zza9l wrote

I see anyone trying to plant a dog anywhere, I'm calling the SPCA!


GoHomeYoureDrunkMod t1_j5z8vju wrote

For all the resolution and color quality improvements over the decades of video, I'm a bit surprised the frame rate hasn't really budged until recently, and only for computer games. 24fps makes me ill.