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BeowulfsGhost t1_j6fnu3l wrote

Car seems a stretch, go-cart maybe?


Lil_chikchik t1_j6gy47z wrote

Agreed. Hardly a car if can’t carry more than one person.


SagaciousTien t1_j6hd0a1 wrote

Barely seems to be able to carry you and any additional luggage so I see almost no point


Lil_chikchik t1_j6hd8lw wrote

Only advantage: a guy named Mario challenges you on the spot.


P0L1Z1STENS0HN t1_j6jbvx9 wrote

But you cannot bring additional luggage on the plane anyways, as your car already takes up all your baggage allowance.


tibetan_quaaludes t1_j6fo6n8 wrote

I still like the Honda Motocompo more.


[deleted] t1_j6ftxkl wrote

Honda made a concept van that had an electric Motocompo inside the sliding doors on each side. They recharged while in the doors. Open door, slide out scooter, unfold and go.


yargrad t1_j6fojpj wrote

Was this the inspiration for Super Mario Kart?


Brandonmac10x t1_j6fup40 wrote

No it was obviously iron man 2 when Tony Stark had his suit in a briefcase and he used it at an f1 racing track.


DoctaMario t1_j6fwhm2 wrote

I want something like this more than anything. Imagine never having to pay for parking again


rfmodeler t1_j6g6u4r wrote

Umm, you can't put a fuel tank on a plane. Stupid mazda...


Icyrow t1_j6grdfe wrote

there are also something similar back in ww2, basically foldable motorbikes.


Capn_Crusty t1_j6fpgx6 wrote

Try taking it out on any public road or riding through any city on that thing! Even if you did lug it around, what about any other stuff you might have? Just carrying a two-stroke engine with fuel and oil in it would be bad enough. Just can't imagine any practical use.


GaiaAnon t1_j6fpxlo wrote

Pretty sure it's on wheels when in suitcase form, so you don't have to carry it. Looks like he's pulling it


KAFQAA t1_j6ip85x wrote

If you are sitting on the engine, then it is a hazard.


Numerous_Home_539 t1_j6mkvtn wrote

Once upon a time Mazda was fun and cool. Now they churn out soccer mom mobiles by the millions and have no soul.


JawnGottii t1_j6gko2o wrote

It’s as much as a car as Andrew Tate is a man.


Cwallace98 t1_j6gronp wrote

So it is a car? Just a dumb, douche, racist, car that belongs in prison?