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El-Hairy t1_j6fo9oo wrote

Is it impractical? Yes. Does 34 year old me want it? Also yes.


yargrad t1_j6fojpj wrote

Was this the inspiration for Super Mario Kart?


Capn_Crusty t1_j6fpgx6 wrote

Try taking it out on any public road or riding through any city on that thing! Even if you did lug it around, what about any other stuff you might have? Just carrying a two-stroke engine with fuel and oil in it would be bad enough. Just can't imagine any practical use.


DoctaMario t1_j6fwhm2 wrote

I want something like this more than anything. Imagine never having to pay for parking again


rfmodeler t1_j6g6u4r wrote

Umm, you can't put a fuel tank on a plane. Stupid mazda...


JawnGottii t1_j6gko2o wrote

It’s as much as a car as Andrew Tate is a man.


Icyrow t1_j6grdfe wrote

there are also something similar back in ww2, basically foldable motorbikes.


KAFQAA t1_j6ip85x wrote

If you are sitting on the engine, then it is a hazard.


Numerous_Home_539 t1_j6mkvtn wrote

Once upon a time Mazda was fun and cool. Now they churn out soccer mom mobiles by the millions and have no soul.